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Innale Vare- A Malyali Series Moderately Captivating Thriller

Innale Vare, a newly released Indian Malayalam Language OTT series starring Asif Ali and Nimisha Sajayan, Antony Verghese, and others is a story about a struggling film actor’s life that went upside down when some people tried to trick him with the help of technology.

The rest of the story is about how he survives this fiasco. The movie is written and directed by Jis Joy. The thriller crime drama has a total runtime of 2hrs 16 minutes and has recently been released on the OTT platform SonyLIV from the 9th of June 2022.

Innale Vare On Sony Liv Episodes, Release Date, Cast

Innale Vare- A Malyali Series Moderately Captivating Thriller
Innale Vare All Episodes
Release on OTT ( SonyLIV) – 9th June 2022
IMDB 6.2/10
Genre Thriller, Crime, Drama
Language Malyalm
Directed by Jis Joy
Cast Asif Ali, Nimisha Sajayan, Antony Verghese, Reba Monica John, Athulya Chandra, Anand Bal, Rony David.

Malyali Series Innale Vare Plot

Adhi Shankar (Asif Ali), a famous actor, was going through a rough patch and had an affair with a former colleague. Few of his films are under the table and he desperately wants his new film to work out to clear the financial debts.

On the way to meet his lover, his car breaks down and he is offered a lift by one of his fans. But things turn upside down when this fan decides to lock him up in an apartment and he gets tricked by some people with the help of technology. The rest of the story is about what happens after this event and who is the fan behind this fiasco.

Innale Vare Review- A Dark Malayli Thriller

Innale Vare- A Malyali Series Moderately Captivating Thriller
Malayali Series Innale Vare Review

The movie Innale Vare is a satisfactory one to watch. The story was well laid out by Bobby Sanjay and offered the audience a lot of thrilling scenes. But when the whole idea was put on paper by the writer and director of this movie, Jis Joy, the thrilling scenes are reduced drastically.

The first half was solid, each plot point developing perfectly at a perfect pace. However, in the next half, several scenes felt unnecessarily dragged and increased the runtime of the movie. The disputes in the movie could’ve been resolved in a much quicker and more admirable manner rather than dragging it and giving away the hints behind the kidnapping to the audience.

Asif Ali does a brilliant job as actor Adi Shankar. In the first half of The Innale Vare, he portrays the self-centered, egoistic, and arrogant nature of the superstar brilliantly, and in the second half, the desperation and vulnerability of the character are showcased with ease by him.

Nimisha Sajayan Antony Verghese both do well in their roles but their performance lacked originality in the flow sometimes. Rony David (Jomi) Adi Shankar’s assistant does an admirable job in performing his character. Other actors like Rebe Monica, Athulya Chandra, and the rest of the supporting cast also perform well in their roles.

The technical aspects of the film Innale Vare like Bahul Ramesh’s cinematography are appreciable. Shots like the angled camerawork during certain scenes helped in building an interesting thriller feeling for the movie. The music and editing (by Ratheesh Raj) are good and fit well with the movie.

Though Innale Vare movie needed a more gripping and action-packed screenplay to make it more of a thrilling watch for the audience, it is now a satisfactorily engaging thriller that has a solid plot till the second act but the third act becomes a bit dragged and the ultimate twist is already predictable by the audience.

Overall, Innale Vare could have been better and more engaging than what it is now but it is still a satisfactory watch. The unpredictable screenplay that is evident in the second half became the minus point for the movie it an average thriller.

The first half of the movie offers enough engaging moments for the audience to enjoy. Innale Vare is a fairly captivating thriller that allows the audience to predict the final twist of the movie correctly.

The movie is an interesting thriller but has the usual elements and the audience doesn’t receive any outcome even after sitting through the whole thriller since the second half makes the final reveal very predictable. Innale Vare is currently being streamed on the ott platform SonyLIV but it might not be in the top 10 most streamed movies.

Innale Vare
Innale Vare Innale Vare,Malayali Series

Director: Jis Joy

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