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Ardh Movie- Legendary Rajpal Yadav Strong Comeback With Movie Ardh

Palash Mucchal directed movie Ardh is one of the most lively films ever made that triggers your every emotion. The film has made an OTT premiere directly. Ardh has received many nominations and also managed to grab a few awards. 

Ardh Movie Story- An Emotional Story Triggering Emotions

Ardh Movie- Legendary Rajpal Yadav Strong Comeback With Movie Ardh
Ardh Movie Story

Many movie enthusiasts go to Mumbai with the same ambition: to become actors. However, not everyone has their desires fulfilled. Despite this, they are adamant about achieving their goal of being on the big screen. Ardh also tells the story of Shiva, a character played by Rajpal Yadav, who relocated to Mumbai to pursue his ambition of being an actor. Madhu, Shiva’s wife, is played by Rubina Dilaik, who makes her Bollywood debut in the film.

Ardh Premiered for the first time on Zee5 on June 10th. The film is a homage to those who come to Mumbai with hopes of becoming actors, written and directed by Palash Muchhal. Shiva, played by Rajpal Yadav, is a stage actor who has been attempting to get into the film industry but has had to settle with little, blink-and-you-miss-it jobs. Shiva turns to Parvati, a transgender woman, to seek for alms at the traffic light in order to make ends meet.

Release on OTT June 10, 2022
IMDB 8.6
Genre Drama, Romance
Director Palash Mucchal
Cast Rajpal Naurang Yadav, Rubina Dilaik and Hiten Tejwani
OTT Platform ZEE 5
Language Hindi

In the meanwhile, he frequently vanishes to attend auditions, where he is repeatedly rejected as “not fit.” Ardh depicts Shiva working hard to achieve his goals – to land that one breakthrough part that may alter his life.

I’ve never visited Mumbai. However, after watching many Hindi films and reality show auditions on television, I’ve learned that it’s the city of dreams. While one in a hundred hopes and objectives come true, others learn to live with tenacity, disappointment, and failure as they continue to work hard.

Rajpal Yadav In Movie Ardh By Palash Mucchal

Ardh Movie- Legendary Rajpal Yadav Strong Comeback With Movie Ardh
Ardh Movie Review

Rajpal Yadav is ideal for the part of Shiva. Rubina Dilaik, on the other hand, while having limited screen time, succeeds in convincing as the wife of a failing actor. Her supporters, on the other hand, would have liked to see more of her in the picture. While Shiva was struggling, Madhu was working at her house and at the homes of others to assist her husband. Her difficulties should have been mentioned in the film as well. Hiten Tejwani should have had a bigger role. He is, nevertheless, good and entertaining to watch, as always.

Ardh Movie Review- Rubina Dilaik Bollywood Debut

The film reflects the reality of Shiva’s desire to pursue his passion while still caring for his family in the City of Dreams. Rajpal Yadav lacks the height and ‘looks’ to be a star, but he possesses the necessary abilities. He has ten years of theatre experience and is a good performer. Show business, on the other hand, can be a cruel business, as you may be aware. When it comes to being an actor, acting skills are typically the last item on the list. Shiva performs a variety of tasks to support his family, including grocery shop employment, building site labor, and restaurant dishwashing.

Because the scenario of Ardh gives adequate rationale and context, a man portraying a transsexual is justified. Apparently, many films that have attempted to portray transgender people on cinema have failed miserably. Muchhal’s perspective also doesn’t utilize Parvati’s persona to dehumanize the people or to elicit obscene laughter at their expense. The treatment is kind, rational, and respectable.

When it comes to performances, Rajpal Yadav makes a lasting impression in Ardh His portrayal is sincere, much like the character who desires to be an actor. He is mostly responsible for Parvati’s delicate and empathetic image. He is the guy within his four walls, but as soon as he comes out in a saree, he changes into Parvati, who assiduously blesses strangers and couples at the traffic intersection. Yadav, who has wowed audiences with his supporting appearances, takes center stage in this film, living out his character’s fantasy, and he does not disappoint.

Rubina Dilaik as Madhu, on the other hand, feels like a talent whose full potential has only been scratched. The actress plays a professional mother who is also struggling to feed her family, while her husband pretends to be someone he is not.

The movie Ardh on the whole is so real to watch and should definitely be given a shot.


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