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The Freelancer Web Series Season 2 On Hotstar- Streaming Soon

The Freelancer web series season 2 update has finally been released by the makers. Created by Neeraj Pandey this series has Kashmira Pardeshi and Anupam Kher as leads along with Mohit Raina. You will get to feel this thrill, action, and urgency for which Neeraj Pandey is known. There is a lack of new elements in the story and the fundamentals that have been used seem quite conservative. 


  • The freelancer web series episodes are streaming on Hotstar.
  • The web series on Hotstar got released in two parts.
  • The Freelancer part 2 update has been out. 
  • All the episodes will be released on 15 December. 
  • The freelancer cast is Mohit Raina and Ayesha Raza as lead. 

The Freelancer Web Series On Hotstar

The Freelancer Web Series Season 2 On Hotstar- Streaming Soon
The Freelancer Web Series
Web SeriesThe Freelancer
OTT Hotstar
Release Date 15 December 2023
CastKashmira Pardeshi, Anupam Kher, Ayesha Raza, Mohit Raina
DirectorBhav Dhulia

The Freelancer has a good storyline that takes it to another level with superb acting from a bunch of very talented actors. Taking the excellent pace of the story with yet another background score. The web series on Hotstar has a factual storyline on how a modern female is pulled into a terrorist activity without her consent. How her in-laws take her to Syria joining jihadis without her knowledge and when the truth strikes her she is forced to accept the fate. 

The Freelancer Web Series Total Episodes

To freelancer is a story of an ex-cop Avinash (Mohit Raina) who has a friend Inayat khan. Inayat’s daughter is Aleeya Khan who after getting married reaches Syria. After she gets to Syria, she is completely trapped over there and the story revolves around the same subject where Avinash tries to get her back to India. 

The Freelancer web series episodes are four whereas the rest of the three will drop on 15 December. There is no update on season 2 though the series is an all-time hit and hugely in demand. 

The Freelancer Web Series Season 2 Release Date

The Freelancer Web Series Season 2 On Hotstar- Streaming Soon
The Freelancer Season 2 Release Date

The Freelancer season 2 release date is 15 December when all the episodes will be streaming. In the first week of September, this series was released with 4 episodes whereas the rest of the web series will be streaming in December. The execution with which this series comes has already been watched a zillionth times but still energy that Neeraj Pandey maintained. 

Visually the freelancer web series is quite appealing, the camera angles perfectly captured for in locations maintaining the brilliant cinematography. Every scene and every shot has been filmed well which just brightens the screen. The color grading and BGM also treat you very well. The freelancer web series cast has been established with proper depth so that you may feel the traditional arc.

 Mohit Raina leads the show and the amount of work he has contributed is just more than good. Anupam Kher is also part of this action thrillers universe of Neeraj Pandey and as always he is the real charm of the entire show. The show without serving anything new comes up with a typical exhibition that is enough to call it a good show as it has a very active script. The trademark element that Neeraj Pandey always leaves is greatly fledged in this drama and makes the show completely worthy of watching. 

The most impactful action that the OTT giant has taken is not releasing the show in one go which truly destroys the audacity to watch the next part as the point where the exact thrill and tensions begin it comes to an end. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. What is The freelancer on Hotstar IMDB rating?

The freelancer web series on Hotstar is rated 8.2 on IMDB. Neeraj Pandey created a series based on the book, A Ticket to Syria. It is a web series on Hotstar that revolves around the brave mission of an ex-cop. 

2. How many episodes are there in Freelancer? 

The action thriller web series Freelancer has 4 episodes in IT season 1 Part 1 and the rest of the episodes will be dropped on 15th December. 3 more episodes are expected from the side producers. 

3. Is Freelancer a movie or web series?

The Freelancer is a web series that is a hotstar special. Mohit Raina lead series is quite hyped and is all set to bang on with its part  2 once again.

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