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Karmma Calling Release Date, Cast- Hotstar Special Series


Karmma calling release date is 26 January 2024. The web series is a hotstar original and is an official Indian adaptation of an American drama called ‘Revenge’. The web series cast Raveena Tandon, Namrata Seth and Varun Sood in major roles. 


  • Karmma calling release date is January 26th.
  • Karmma calling is a hotstar original web series. 
  • Karmma calling is a remake of an American series ‘Revenge’
  • The series casts Raveena Tandon, Varun Sood and Namrata Seth in lead. 

Karmma Calling Release Date, Cast, Story

Karmma Calling Release Date, Cast- Hotstar Special Series
Karmma Calling Release date
Web series Karmma Calling 
Release Date 26 January 
OTT Platform Hotstar
Cast Raveena Tandon, Namrata Seth, Varun Sood

Karmma calling release date is 26 January, and is coming with a plot of a revenge drama. It more feels like all the 90s actresses are finding a new space in their early 50’s. Be it Sushmita Sen, Madhuri Dixit, or Raveena Tandon, everyone is taking a different chance in the acting space while attempting the ott content. Sushmita gave a spectacular performance in the web series Aarya, Madhuri look the brilliant in the Netflix original, ‘The Fame game’, Raveena has already nailed her role in the Netflix series ‘Aranyak’ and now hotstar special ‘Karmma calling’ also marks her as a lead and changing the table she has turned all glam in this one. 

Namrata Seth is also in the pivotal role and in the recent interview she talked about her character in the web series that is of karma Talwar. She told how desperately she wanted to do this part in the show and after giving several auditions she finally made it to the selection. Throwing some light on her character she told, Karma is a woman who has got everything at a point of time in her life but now she has lost it and for a long time she had nothing. She also added that losing everything and getting back with the same ball is not easy but what Karma did is totally worth watching. 

Actor Varun Sood is also part of this web series and he talked about all the physical preparation that he underwent for the same. He is playing the character of Ahaan Kothari. 

Raveena Tandon Web Series, Shows Gearing Her Up Strong

Karmma Calling Release Date, Cast- Hotstar Special Series
Raveena Tandon web series

Raveena Tandon is being quite experimental with her acting skills and that specifically came from the advent of OTT platforms. Raveena was a part of Netflix original Aranyak in the year 2021 for which she won Filmfare OTT best actress award. The series was a crime thriller with over 8 episodes. 

Now she is a part of hotstar original series Karmma Calling where she is playing the role full of glamor. She is one of the most successful actress of the 90s and is now finding her comfort in the digital medium. 

Karmma Calling Trailer- A Revengful Story

Karmma Calling Release Date, Cast- Hotstar Special Series
Karmma Calling Cast

Karmma Calling trailer features Raveena Tandon in a gorgeous look. The 33 sec clip of the teaser says- What you reap is what you sow but if the world in beneath you then even the Karma can’t play with the happening. 

Based on an American Drama, ‘Revenge’ the web series is a remake of the same. Revenge is a 2011 drama that has entirely 4 seasons and is one of the most likable shows. The story of the revenge revolved around a girl, Amanda whose father is jailed for committing a crime that he has not done. She therefore friends her house and try to bring out the perpetrators who are actually behind the crime. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. Who is Rasha Thadani? 

Rasha Thadani is the daughter of actress Raveena Tandon and film distributor Anil Thadani. She is all set to make her Bollywood debut opposite Ajay Kumar nephew Aman Devgn and exercising to be in a continuous limelight.

2. Which is the upcoming web series on Hotstar

‘Karmma Calling’ which stars Raveena Tandon in a major role is all set to stream on hotstar from January 26th. ‘Showtime’ is one such web series from thematic entertainment that will also be streaming on hotstar very soon. 

3. What are the best Bollywood movies on Hotstar? 

Hotstar has plenty of collections when it comes to Hindi movies and has not been restricted itself in terms of genre as it has many. 12th fail, 31st october, Apurva, The vaccine war, Kanpur Squad, king of Kotha are the latest best of Bollywood movies on hotstar.

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