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Review On The Perfect Mother Season 2: An Incompetent Crime & Mystery Drama.

This four-episode of French Thriller The Perfect Mother Season 2 combines soap opera antics with a straightforward but excellent murder mystery on Netflix.

OTT Release Date June 3, 2022


Genre Mystery, Thriller
Cast Pascal Lafa, Julie Gayet, Tomer Sisley, Eden Ducourant
OTT Platform Netflix India
Language English

The Perfect Mother Season 2 French Thriller On Netflix

The Perfect Mother Season 2 review series on ott
The Perfect Mother Season 2 review series on Ott

Do you have a good understanding of your children? Would you know if they withheld a major secret from you? It’s an interesting (and, as a parent, scary) question that captures The Perfect Mother’s whole tale.

Helene is at the center of it all when she discovers that her daughter Anya is the prime suspect in a high-profile murder case. While Anya insists, she did not murder Damien, all evidence points to her doing so. To begin with, at least.

Plot, Story, And All Episodes

After watching The Perfect Mother Season 2, a French mystery series about a mother whose daughter is accused of murder, my initial impression was that such shows should be limited to four episodes. There just isn’t time for eight, ten, or twelve-episode seasons to clog up our thumbnails, waiting patiently for us to find the time to solve a mystery we don’t care about in our ever-changing media atmosphere.

So, whatever else you want to say about The Perfect Mother, you have to include that. It introduces its premise, poses a series of intriguing dramatic questions, and then rushes through the responses as if it had somewhere else to go.

Throughout four episodes of The Perfect Mother Season 2, you’ll be presented with several interpretations of the truth. Or, to be more precise, you’ll be viewing several variations of a single incident that culminates in the death of a young guy. That indicates there will be a lot of falsehoods. Frequently blended with aspects of reality, but it’s difficult to tell which is which.

Review Of The Perfect Mother Season 2 Mystery Drama Series

Review On The Perfect Mother Season 2
Review On The Perfect Mother Season 2

These are the primary themes of this Netflix series. You, like the majority of the other characters in this series, will most likely alter your mind multiple times. Is anyone truly fully innocent, and who is guilty (in some way)?

You may probably guess from the title that the mother plays a significant role in this narrative. The title alludes to the mother of the young lady accused of murdering her son. However, it might also (to a lesser extent) allude to the young man’s mother. Both moms are afflicted with the same disease: they believe their own kid is nice, pure, and innocent. Even when confronted with evidence to the contrary.

Anya’s brother Lukas is having his own problems in Berlin, and there’s a side strand involving a private investigator that leaves a lot to be desired. Despite some initial promise, all of this adds up to a production that is ragged around the edges.

Neither the appearance nor the functionality is really impressive. The camera work is average, the sights are unremarkable, and the performance is adequate but not exceptional. The opening title titles, which mix faces with the Parisian skyline, are, in reality, the greatest aspect of the visual design.

The Perfect Mother Season 2
The Perfect Mother Season 2

There’s no doubt in my mind that Anya is lying. However, as the inquiry progresses, the motivations for her lie, as well as the true events behind Damien’s death, begin to emerge. What was the address of Anya’s residence? What had she been up to? What was she concealing, and why was she hiding it? From Anya to her brother Lukas, everyone has a secret, and Helene’s performatively ideal existence, including her marriage and notion of parenting, is called into doubt. Meanwhile, Damien’s powerful mother has her own reasons for “proving” that Anya either killed her son or is covering for the killer, and her resources may go well beyond the police.

Another source of dispute is the finish, and while I won’t go into it here (we have our finale detailed in the link above! ), Needless to say, the genuine account of events is stretched out unduly, and I can’t help but think that three episodes rather than four would have worked better.

This rambling criminal drama could need some tightening up and spends much too much time on its side stories, time that could have been better spent on the main narrative. It isn’t an awful program, but it isn’t especially good either. Instead, this is a mediocre effort all around.

The Perfect Mother Season 2
The Perfect Mother Season 2 netflix french series The Perfect Mother Season 2

Director: Pascal Lafa

Date Created: 2024-02-22 23:51

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