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Netflix’s hottest murder mystery glass onion passed 90 Million View hours

Netflix’s hottest murder mystery glass onion: Netflix is all garnered the love of its viewers in the midst of the hit web series Wednesday and new addition Glass Onion: A Knives out the mystery is one of the most awaited mystery thrillers and is among the latest releases on Netflix. 

After going with a global premiere at the Toronto film festival it later got featured in the London film tabloid. With an IMDB of 7.2 directed by Rian Jhonson, it has a phenomenal star cast of Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Janalle Monte, Kathryn Hahn, and Jave Bautista. 

Sequel of knives out film of 2019 by Daniel Craig but the new ott release Glass Onion: knives out mystery need to be followed with its sequel and the story of both films follows almost different parameters irrespective of being a  sequel. This new ott film is also released in Hindi language along with English. 

Netflix’s hottest murder mystery: Glass onion

Netflix's hottest murder mystery glass onion passed 90 Million View hours

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You will get to decode the story of the world’s greatest detective who has to solve a murder case that happened on a remote island. The whole story revolves around surrounding the minute details of the case, as to when, how, and why this murder took place and to know the whole plot tune in right away to Netflix and enjoy the perfectly fitted plot. 

Compared to the 2019 film Glass onion the expectation was far more in that sense as the film had already set a bar. To the audience’s surprise, the sequel Glass onion: knives out on Netflix is also giving the same warmth and is loved by the audience giving it a green flag. The enjoyable experience that it gives is an add-on flavor and is a fun-to-watch experience. 

The dialogues and the bitter-sour interaction between the characters is truly unpredictable mystery that starts to unfold with proper timing. As the film progresses, the emotional investment will clearly happen and the interesting twists, turns and the big reveal will keep you hooked. 

The character of the detective is far more intriguing and interesting and definitely, this franchise needs to be continued, that goes without saying as the film is already loved by audiences. Daniel Craig in the character of detective can’t be touched, the passion, and the energy that has been felt are just mind-blowing. The supporting cast were too good and carried their respective characters really well. The use of light comedy and humor is the cherry on top. The music needed a big fat thumbs-up praise. 

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FAQ on Glass Onion: 

1. On Which ott platform is Glass Onion Knives Out streaming now?

Netflix's hottest murder mystery glass onion passed 90 Million View hours

Glass Onion Knives Out is streaming on Netflix. This movie is the sequel to the 2019 movie Knives Out. This movie is a direct release on the Netflix ott platform which was announced at the Tudum event in 2022. In these new movies, 2022 includes Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc in major roles like Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr, and Ethan Hawke.

  1. Which Marvel actor is featured in the Glass Onion Knives Out movie?

Of the best recent movies on Netflix, Glass Onion Knives Out, Ethan Hawke has given his cameo. He played Arthur Harrow in the Marvel web series Moon Knight. His movies like The Black Phone, Predestination, Daybreakers, Tesla, and others have made him a well-known actor.

  1. Is 2019 the best recent movie in the Glass Onion Knives Out Netflix series?

Knives Out is a 2019 movie where Daniel Craig portrayed Benoit Blanc for the first time. This movie is now streaming on Netflix. Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LeKeith Stanfield, Christopher Plummer, and Marvel actor Chris Evans star in this new release.


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