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Top 10 Best Thriller Movies and Webseries on Sony Liv Watch Online For Free

Best Thriller Movies and Webseries on Sony Liv, Due to the lockout, we’ve binge-watched nearly every great show available on major streaming services. On the other hand, SonyLIV has been putting out some amazing content on its platform. Here are some of the Best Hollywood Thriller Movies On Sony Liv to see right now, ranging from suspense to horrific crime drama

List Of Top 10 Best Thriller Movies and Webseries on Sony Liv 

Sony Liv always provides the best for its viewers in any genre like comedy, drama, mystery, horror, and thriller, now it’s time to give you guys the list of best thriller movies and webseris that you can do bing watching.

1- The Girl On The Train

IMDB- 6.5

Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv
Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv

Emily Blunt plays an alcoholic who becomes obsessed with a local murder case in Tate Taylor’s adaption of the best-selling Paula Hawkins novel “The Girl on the Train.
However, it isn’t even a film. It’s just a dull and uninteresting story with gorgeous people in danger. Not only is the film’s whodunit element unsurprising, but neither are the characters’ interactions until the big reveal. Tale Tylor’s direction is boring, reducing these three ladies to a handful of characteristics rather than allowing them to be complex and engaging.

2- Captain Phillips

IMDB- 7.8

Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv
Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv

 If Gravity made you feel claustrophobic in space, this suspenseful thriller set on the high seas will do the same. The film is a classic Paul Greengrass thriller, full of unexpected twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. It tests your ability to deduce the consequences of a criminal act that occurs onscreen. Sony Liv has a Hollywood suspense thriller available.

3- Bridges of Spies

IMDB- 7.6

Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv
Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv

“Bridge of Spies,” directed by Steven Spielberg, begins with a guy looking in the mirror as he paints a nearly complete self-portrait. From behind, the man gets shot. We don’t actually see “him.” Two reflections, one in glass and the other in watercolors, are on display. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. In “Bridge of Spies,” a daring, studied, mannered true story that is at once remarkably genuine and deeply cinematic, the duality of perception vs. reality, and, eventually, the concept of those three triangular points of interest (reflection, man, painting)—which look similar but aren’t—will resurface.

4- Inferno

IMDB- 6.2

Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv
Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv

Although the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel (Inferno) isn’t a page-turner, it manages to hold your attention and draw you into the story. Tom Hanks reprises his role as Langdon, and he adds his natural likability to the role. Without the guns, bikes, or fistfights, he’s Jason Bourne. Some important plot twists breathe new energy into the typical puzzle-solving race and chase segments. A must-see. Liv on Sony

5- Adventure of Tintin

IMDB- 7.3

Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv
Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv

Making sure the fanboys are on board is the first rule of franchise filmmaking. Perhaps Steven Spielberg thought he’d covered everything for his glitzy, strangely formless new film about the intrepid blond-quaffed young reporter Tintin. The adventure was enjoyable. TinTin wins over the tyrant of South America. Tintin is brought before a firing squad. TinTin disguises himself in blackface and tours the globe.

Captain Haddock, his pal, is a witty figure with a low boiling point. Then there’s Processor Calculus, as well as a slew of other characters who help to keep the plot moving along. Even though it was animation, it was thrilling to watch.

6- Secret In Their Eyes

IMDB- 8.2

Best Thriller Movie On Sony Liv Secret In Their Eyes
Best Thriller Movie On Sony Liv Secret In Their Eyes

“The Secret in Their Eyes” made quite an impression on the world stage, winning all of Argentina’s major cinema awards and winning the Academy Award for best foreign-language picture. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the film’s pulsing energy center. Ray, his tempestuous character, is a former FBI agent who, 13 years after the murder, is determined to break any and all regulations to solve the crime. Mr. Ejiofor gives an out-of-control, foaming-at-the-mouth performance that portrays his character as an out-of-control vigilante. The entire tense plot will keep you focused on the story, so look for Sony Liv in this film.

7- The House


Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv
Thriller Movies And Webseries On Sony Liv

John Bellairs’ 1973 novel The House With a Clock in Its Walls is the latest children’s favorite to hit the big screen. The novel is a sweetly quaint yet terribly terrifying supernatural mystery about mourning, necromancy, and the end of the world. The film adaptation is a screeching CGI carnival with excrement jokes and puking pumpkins. The film is an expressive medium that is at least as versatile as books in terms of diversity and nuance. As the title implies, movies are mysterious in every manner.

8- Dark Waters

IMDB- 7.6

10 Best Hollywood Suspense Thriller On Sony LivThe movie form I’m referring to is one that we all know by heart; in fact, we may know it a bit too well at this point. It was first released in the late 1960s and early 1970s. “Dark Waters,” on the other hand, restores some of the initial shock and wonder to the journalistic genre of The Conspiracies Around Us That Are Truly Happening in a strikingly real and carefully created way. Tune in to Sony Liv for this fantastic experience of suspicion at its best.

9- Men In Black II

IMDb- 6.1

Thrillers on Sony Liv

Some sequels carry on the story. Others have done so. “Men in Black II” introduces a new threat to the MIB, but the idea remains the same: mankind can defeat an alien invasion by sending operatives in Ray-Bans to shoot them into goo. Fans of the original may like it in a diluted form, but there is no need for it—except, of course, to make a profit at the box office, where the 1997 film grossed about $600 million. The aliens have come to Earth to grab something, I’m not sure what, that will allow them to destroy it. Sony Liv has a fantastic tale.

10- A Few Good Men

IMDB- 7.7

a few good men Best Thriller Movie On Sony Liv
a few good men Best Thriller Movie On Sony Liv

A Few Good Men, a critically acclaimed film from 1992, is today considered a cult classic. The film tells the narrative of a Marine hazing gone wrong that results in the death of an innocent man. David Brown and Andrew Scheinman direct the film, which is based on playwright Aaron Sorkin’s 1989 play. Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore are among the cast members of this judicial drama. If you like Hollywood movies, you’ve probably seen this one.

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