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Stunning Top 10 Best Romantic Movies on Amazon Prime To Binge On

Top 10 Best Romantic Movies on Amazon Prime:

No matter what time of the year it is, it is never the wrong time to watch romantic genre movies. Amazon Prime has a long list of movies which you can tune in to and offers everything from classics to the new era. The movies are perfect for couples or even singles who are in the mood to watch love stories with their friends, family or loved ones.

Romantic movies are never boring to watch if you have chosen the right one. We have made this easy for you and bring you a list of Top 10 Romantic movies which are available to stream on Amazon Prime. Tune in right away to this OTT platform and grab the feel right away.

Romantic Movie 1: The Big Sick

Romantic Movie
Romantic Movie

The movie, which was released on Amazon Prime, stars actors like Kumail Nanjiani in the main lead. The movie follows his journey as he has to move to the US for some work and he falls in love with a girl, Emily. Then he has to face his family, who wants him to get married to someone else, but he also loves Emily. He really cares about her because her health is not very good. The movie is written by Kumail himself and comes out as one of the greatest romantic movies ever made.

Romantic Movie 2: Crazy, Stupid, Love

The movie is about a man named Carl Weaver who lives in America. He had a very happy family; he loved his wife and his children. The problem arises when his wife, Emily, wants to leave him. They got divorced, leaving him single at the age of 40. However, he is later assisted by friends who are successful players in getting more ladies to meet and get them together.The movie is a comedy-romance that hits different points in time.

Romantic Movie 3: What if?

Romantic Movie
Romantic Movie

The movie What If is about a boy named Wallace who has been played out by his many relationships and gets depressed after dropping out of his medical studies. The thing that made him more frustrated was that everyone around him, including his own roommate, had a good relationship with his partner.

He then, by chance, meets a girl named Chantry, who he thinks will be perfect for her. They tried to become friends, but he did not know that she already had a boy friend. They feel connected to each other. They try to figure out if they are just friends or if they are more than just that.

Romantic Movie 4: 10 things I hate about you

The movie is about two sisters who are in their teens and trying to get a boyfriend to accompany them. The elder sister, Kat Stratfrod, is a very beautiful and smart girl who respects everyone, but she is the one who doesn’t like boys that much, and she is mostly abrasive to them.

Her younger sister Bianca also wants a boy friend, but the problem is that first her elder sister gets one, and then only after that can she get a boyfriend. Soon Kat finds a boyfriend, but will she be able to cooperate with him to find out?

Romantic Movie 5: She is out of my league.

Romantic Movie
Romantic Movie

She is out of My League is a movie which seriously tells us about average looking guys who face many difficulties when they try to find a girlfriend. In this comedy movie, Kirk is just like any average guy, but his luck changes when a successful and beautiful girl falls in love with him. His smart friends and his family get shocked. Now Kirki tries his best so that everyone can appreciate him and he can make himself suitable for her. And prove to everyone that he is not out of his league.

Romantic Movie 6: Still Mine

Still Mine is a movie which tells us about how real love stories are. The movie is about a couple who love each other very much. But their lives turn upside down when she gets ill and her wish is to live in a good house. Craig, the main character, has to make a house for his ailing wife, Irene. He has to overcome all the odds that are coming his way to make the house. The movie is truly inspirational, which shows that if you love someone, nothing is impossible.

Romantic Movie 7: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The map of Tiny Perfect Things is about a teenager named Mark, who is very witty. He faces something unusual as he has been living the same day again and again, like a loop which never ends. He is then faced with a girl named Margaret, who is also facing the same things. They come together to find the reason behind the never-ending day that is happening to them as they fall in love with each other.

Romantic Movie 8: Brittany runs a marathon

The movie is about a girl named Brittany who tries her best to make things go according to her. She is not into partying and she is also very unhappy with the toxic relationships she had with everyone she was in a relationship with. She is not interested in going to the gym. But her life changes when her neighbor encourages her to take part in the New York City Marathon, which will soon change her life.

Romantic Movie 9: Two Nights stand

The movie is different from the usual love stories, which follow two individuals who meet on a dating website and try to meet each other in real life. Unfortunately, a blizzard hits and they get stuck in an apartment where they have to live together. The movie has some steamy love scenes and some comedy, which will surely keep you entertained throughout the whole time.

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