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Three Of Us On Netflix- Liberating Journey Of A Wounded Soul

Three of us is all set to premiere on Netflix, the film carries the story of a middle-aged woman Shailja who is seeking her lost love along with her husband. Shefali Shah, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Swanand Kirkire are in major roles. The movie has already been telecasted on a global platform of IFFI. 


  • The three of us ott release date is here. 
  • The movie will stream on Netflix from 29 December. 
  • The three of us cast include Shefali Shah and Jaideep Ahlawat. 
  • The movie portrays inner battle of a women. 

Three Of Us OTT Release Date, Cast, Story

Three Of Us On Netflix- Liberating Journey Of A Wounded Soul
Three of us ott release date
Movie Three Of Us
Release Date 29 December 2023
Platform Netflix
Cast Shefali Shah, Jaideep Ahlawat, Swanand Kirkire
IMDB 8.1
Director Avinash Arun
Language Hindi

Shailja (Shefali Shah) and Deepankar Desai (Swanand Kirkire) are husband and wife who live in Mumbai. Both are working professionals and love each other a lot. Shailja retired from her job and is also facing an issue of dementia. She has one wish to go and visit her village Konkan before she forgets everything. Deepankar being a loving husband of hers for so many years does not have an idea about her roots. 

He therefore accompanies her to Konkan where she meets all her friends from childhood. Shailja goes to her childhood home that has a well behind, and seeing when she steps back gives way to suspense. She then starts her search for Pradip Kamat (Jaideep Ahlawat) with whom she loved in her early days and witnesses every place that is connected to her in any way. Shailja came back to Konkan after 30 years and left Pradip without even informing. Hence she wanted to free her from this guilt by apologizing. 

Watch Three Of Us On Netflix

Three Of Us On Netflix- Liberating Journey Of A Wounded Soul
Three of us movie watch online

Three of us on Netflix is all set to stream from 29 December. The film has already made its way in the theater in November and also premiered last year at IFFI

The three of us trailer has received a good amount of appreciation from the audience and it’s mainly the reason that the three lead cast are very much impact full that more or less breathe acting. The film will take you to an emotional journey where you will re-live the past. Witness the beautiful journey of healing and repenting broken promises. 

Three Of Us Review- Hindi Movie On Netflix

Three Of Us On Netflix- Liberating Journey Of A Wounded Soul
Three of us review

The story starts from a balanced approach where every character has been established well and does not seem scattered. Shailja works in a divorce consultant department and when it’s her last day at work, everyone in the office comes to celebrate her, Swanand kirkire on the other hand is a caring husband. The character of Shalija goes through dementia and keeps on forgetting things. 

The characters are very relatable along with the film setup that involves you as an audience. The setup of the countryside which is being chosen looked pragmatic. The story is simple yet it comes up with many emotions. It’s more like taking the baggage of the past with you your whole life and then wanting to go back in time to waive it off. The script is very dull in an emotional way and so is the film. The story of the film scenes on real at different stages where you fetch out the love you left years ago. 

Technically The Three of us is quite a beautiful film that accompanies you for a few days due to its graph of emotionality. This film surely makes you witness the pure form of art for sure. This kind of movie is just so rare and wholesome. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. What is Shefali Shah Age? 

Born on 22 May 1973, actress Shefali Shah age is 50 years and in her early 50s she is acing up the film industry like how. 

2. Who is Shefali Shah’s husband? 

Shefali Shah got married to Harsh Chhaya in the year 1994 and got separated in 2000. She later tied the knot with Vipul Amrutlal Shah. She has two children with him Maurya and Aryaman. 

3. What is the last of us original release date? 

This Hindi drama film was released on 22nd November 2022 at IFFI and then theatrical release on 3rd November 2023 in India. It will now be available for the authority audience from 29th December 2023 on Netflix

Three Of Us
Three of us Three of us,Three Of Us OTT Release Date,Three Of Us Review

Director: Avinash Arun

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