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Underrated Avrodh Season 2: Lesser Known Story Told Effectively On Sony Liv

Avrodh season 2 is a fictional retelling of a chapter by SonyLiv. Avrodh was a seize within of Indian Army surgical strike that followed the scenario of the Uri terrorist attack which was based on a book of Shiv Arora and Rahul Singh. Season 2 of Avrodh picks up on the same page in terms of its flavor, but if you haven’t seen season 1 that won’t make a difference because the first and the second season have two separate plots which is not really connected with each other.

Avrodh Season 2 Plot, Review, Star Cast, and More 

Avrodh Season 2 Star Cast
Avrodh Season 2 Star Cast
OTT Platform: Sony Liv
OTT Release date: June 24
Genre: Action
Episodes: 9
IMDB: 7.7
Director: Raj Acharya
Star Cast Neeraj Kabi, Anant Madhvan, Sanjay suri, Aahana kumra.
Episodes 9
Name Avrodh season 2

It will take you on a journey of tackling unforeseen circumstances again with a lot of reflection From The Real World where its first season came showcasing the famous Uri attack and the second will demarcate recurring from 2016’s iconic phase of demonetization.

Avrodh Season 2  Plot And Star Cast 

The story of Pakistan planning against India for a blast moreover entails the fake currency which is involved in the plotting by them. Avrodh’s season 2 story feels afresh as compared to the first season as the URI movie has already been seen by the netizens when season one was released and the story seemed monotonous and was not something lesser known for that reason.

Avrodh season 2 revolves around an income tax officer who is also a captain in the Indian Army, Pradeep Bhattacharya played by Abir Chatterjee who decodes the plan of Pakistan against India. This series has strenuously waved the patriotic flag and justified it too and is a praise of the intelligence and military strategy.

Avrodh Season 2 Star Cast

Avrodh Season 2 Sony Liv
Avrodh Season 2 Sony Liv

Avrodh Season 2 Star Cast are Neeraj Kabi, Anant Madhvan, Sanjay suri, Aahana kumra. This series has a total of 9 episodes 45 minutes timing each.

Sony Liv Original Avrodh Season 2 Star Review 

Abroad is a Sony Liv Action Web Series the kind of guts shown in part 1 the same has been followed in part 2 as well. With the nine-episode series and a runtime of around 45 minutes, it definitely looks promising.

It’s nothing like a rich, cliche, Top Notch, melodramatic, but moves in a really aphoristic approach. The detailing and depths of the terrorist have been showcased and the evasion of taxes by the officers and the people is being placed in the second season bringing more pages from the book of Shiv Arora and Rahul Singh. There are certain events in Indian history that are really prominent and the transition it made happened in the working pattern of the nation, people and the army is great and mandatory to know.

Avrodh Season 2 Action Series
Avrodh Season 2 Action Series

Abir Chatterjee has done a great job entering the Hindi Arena. His character sketch though has been a bit confusing and his great commitment to the role can be seen as having worked hard for it. Ahana has worked beautifully with the available screen space and the rest of the other star cast has delivered their best performance. The Drone shot and the cinematic angle captured the scenic views and looked like a shuttle on screen. The production value has been raised as compared to the previous season.

Sony Liv Action Web Series Conclusion 

There are abundant action and chase sequences with army operations and scintillating engagement, the matriculation, detailing, and thick portraying of character have added merit. There was definitely a scope for improvement at various places following the cliche dialogue. however, the whole season was a good pull-out except for some minor flaws that can be ignored. Avrodh is hence a good made-up series that is worth watching.

Avrodh Season 2
Avrodh Season 2 IMDB Avrodh season 2,Sony Liv Action Web Series

Director: Raj Acharya

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