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Pak Pak Pakaak Sony Liv: A Refreshing Change For The Audience

Originally released in 2005, Pak Pak Pakaak is an Indian Marathi language movie.

Released on OTT Platform SonyLIV 5 June 2022
IMDB 7.3/10
Genre Comedy.
Created by Gautam Joglekar
Language Hindi
Cast Nana Patekar Saksham Kulkarni Narayani Shastri Usha Nadkarni Jyoti Subhash Vijay Patwardhan Rekha Kamat

Pak Pak Pakaak, an Indian Marathi language movie released in 2005, is a story about a naughty boy living with his grandmother in a village. The people living there believe that the town is haunted, and the boy meets the ghost named “Bhutia”.

“The rest of the story is formed by how Bhutya will transform the boy’s character and the whole village in this process. This 2hrs 18 minutes film was released on 15 April 2005 and was streamed on the OTT platform SonyLIV on 5 June 2022.

Plot : Pak Pak Pakaak 

Pak Pak Pakaak has an excellent storyline. The movie’s plot revolves around a village where a naughty boy lives with his grandmother. The villagers believe that the place is haunted, and a ghost named Bhutya resided in the forest outside the village and haunted anyone who decided to wander inside the forest.

Review : Pak Pak Pakaak 

The movie Pak Pak Pakaak has a good storyline. Chiku (Saksham Kulkarni) was a boy who lived in a village with his grandmother, which is considered haunted by the villagers. Chiku was very naughty and derived joy by playing pranks on others without caring about their feelings, and nobody could change him. The entire village was afraid of his tricks, and to add to their fear, it was rumored that a ghost named Bhutya (Nana Patekar) resided in the forest outside the village and haunted everyone who decided to wander inside the forest.

Now one-day, Chiklu ventures into the forest unintentionally and stumbles upon Bhutia. Soon he learns that Bhutia is a normal human being, not a ghost. He decided to outcast himself from society and stay in the forest to protect it. Bhutia and Chiklu soon become best friends. The rest of the storyline is formed by how both help each other to overcome their hurdles and how Bhutiya transforms Chiklu’s character and the entire village in this process.

Pak Pak Pakaak - A Refreshing Change For The Audience
Pak Pak Pakaak – A Refreshing Change For The Audience

This movie Pak Pak Pakaak is filled with outstanding performances. Saksham Kulkarni being the youngest of them all, outshines everyone. The innocence and curiosity of young minds are portrayed beautifully by him. His acting skills seemed natural. Nana Patekar, on the other hand, delivers a controlled performance.

Plenty of moments in the movie shows why he is one of the best. His hypnotic gaze or the voice he uses to get into the character is fantastic, and this duo has terrific chemistry between them. Performances by Jyoti Shubhash as Chiklu’s grandmother and Narayani Shastri as Salu were awe-inspiring. Other supporting actors, along with their dialogues and outfits, are very natural and original.

Music is another appreciable point of this movie. Instead of being the common reason songs are used in the film, it becomes a part of the movie that helps the story move forward. The movie also manages to capture the exact feel of the village well. The film’s cinematography is praiseworthy for capturing various shades of the forest and portraying them beautifully.

The movie delivers a lot of strong messages. For example, when Bhutya transforms Chiklu from a mischievous boy into a sincere student, the letter “Education is important” is highlighted. The statement “Nature should be protected” is portrayed when we learn how Bhutya decided to reside in the forest instead of their village to protect it from the people. The movie also touches on topics like “Don’t be superstitious”/ “belief in evil spirits.”

One admirable thing in this movie is that these messages are subtly portrayed to the audience through different scenes instead of preaching them loudly.

Pak Pak Pakaak is not a regular children’s movie. Breaking all the stereotypes associated with the children’s movie genre, this film provides entertainment and joy to both grown-ups and kids equally. Directed by Gautam Jogalekar and based on the story created by his mother Sai Paranjape, Pak Pak Pakaak is a refreshing change for the audience.

This movie should not be missed, and it is assured that once one watches this movie, they indeed keep coming back for more. This movie is being streamed on SonyLIV from 5 June and might be one of the platform’s top 10 most streamed movies.

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