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Top 5 Latest Web Series: Never Miss

Netflix has released some latest web series such as Tooth Pari, Queenmaker, and The Diplomat. They are now among the Top 10 Trending web series on Netflix.

Latest Web Series on Netflix

On 20th April 2023, Tooth Pari and The Diplomat were dropped on the OTT giant. Tooth Pari is a fantasy genre web series and The Diplomat is a political drama series.


  • True Beauty is one of the best Korean comedy dramas on Netflix.
  • Shantanu Maheshwari’s latest web series is Tooth Pari.
  • Dark is a science-fiction genre web series.

Indian web series on Netflix such as Rana Naidu, Class, Indian Matchmaking, Delhi Crime, Mismatched, and others are the best Hindi web series on Netflix to fill in your bucket watchlist. 

New Web Series on Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming new web series Wednesday and Rana Naidu whose season 2 announcement is made lately. True Beauty is one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix and the Dark Web series is the best science fiction genre.

1. True Beauty

CastMoon Ga-young, Hwang In-youp, Cha Eun-woo

Lim Joo-Kyung (Moon Ga-young) takes the help of make-up to change her life due to her appearance. She faced some issues in her life. Suho (Cha Eun-woo) knows this and he supports her and Seo-jun (Hwang In-youp) becomes her best friend despite knowing the past. 

Watch this trending Korean drama on Netflix.

2. Dark

CastAndreas Pietschmann, Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari

The plot of this must-watch series on Netflix is focused on Winden City where children are missing. Meanwhile, Jonas (Louis Hofmann) faces issues after his father’s death. He discovers some shocking truths which lead to time travel. 

Dark is among the science-fiction web series that cannot be sufficed in a one  time watch. Dark has a total of 3 seasons.

3. The Diplomat

GenrePolitical Drama
CastAll Ahn, Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell

Due to an international crisis, Kate Wyler’s (Keri Russell) position changed from diplomat to ambassador of the United Kingdom. 

Watch this latest web series on Netflix now.

4. Tooth Pari

CastSikander Kher, Tanya Maniktala, Shantanu Maheshwari

The plot of the hindi series revolves around Rumi (Tanya Maniktala) falling in love with a dentist Bikram (Shantanu Maheshwari) who is a human. Will their relationship be longer due to the interference of supernatural forces? Watch this made in India latest web series on Netflix.

5. Queenmaker

GenrePolitical Drama
CastMoon So-ri, Kim Hee-ae, Jin Kyung

The storyline focuses on Hwang Do-hee (Kim Hee-ae) who was a skillful member of the strategic team in the South Korean government. Meanwhile, she wants revenge on her former employee who cheats on her.  Watch this Korean latest web series on Netflix now.


This Netflix web series lists Queenmaker, The Diplomat, and Tooth Pari as the latest web series, and True Beauty and Dark is one of the best web series on Netflix right now. For more updates related to new web series on Netflix stay tuned on Seriesonott.


1. What is Netflix’s No. 1 web series?

Currently, Tooth Pari is the no1 web series in India on Netflix. Tooth Pari is the latest web series in the fantasy genre. The Tooth Pari web series is available in the Hindi language.

2. Is True Beauty worth watching?

One of the best romantic-comedy dramas, True Beauty is worth watching. This drama is considered one of the best therapy dramas. 

3. Which is the best web series on Netflix?

 Dark, True Beauty, The Diplomat, Queenmaker, Tooth Pari, Rana Naidu, Wednesday, and Indian Matchmaking are one of the best web series on Netflix.

4. Is The Diplomate on Netflix yet?

The Diplomat web series on Netflix is now on Netflix. This web series is a political drama in the English language.

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