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Aarya Season 3 Release Date: Filming Started

On Tuesday streaming service Disney+Hotstar gave an update about Aarya Season 3 release date which is now in the filming process. Sushmita Sen is back to thrill the audience with the third franchise of Aarya. The web series will be released on November 3 exclusively on Hotstar. Sushmita Sen along with Ila Arun will roar like a lioness as it looks very obvious from the trailer. As a web series Arya season 3 will also open different layers of story that has its own surprise element.

Aarya Season 3 Release Date

Aarya Season 3 Release Date: Filming Started
Aarya Season 3 Release Date

After surviving a massive heart attack, Sushmita Sen resumed the shooting of Aarya which will stream on Hotstar.

Upsurging the OTT content Aarya season 3 on Hotstar is all set to win hearts all over again. A remake of a popular Spanish show Penoza it is created by Ram Madhvani under the direction of Sandeep srivastava. Set around the story of a drug it has got its own emotional side of the story. Maintaining family values is how a mother deals with the off-season situations that revolve around blackmailing,  betrayal, and war on drugs.

To save her children a mother has to transform herself into a destroyer at times and the same goes with Aarya. The story will also introduce you to subplots that help you break the monotony of the story. The supporting actors did a great job in progressing the story. This Beautifully crafted thriller will make it free on hotstar on 3rd November. Aarya season 3 trailer has already been released and audiences are sharing positive responses appreciating Sushmita for her strong comeback. 

Recently fans spotted Sushmita Sen in the Taali web series, where she portrayed the role of a transgender. This series is based on the life of Shree Gauri Sawant who works as a social activist. Sushmita definitely takes the cake away keeping forward the impressive foot with her brilliant carved act in her OTT projects 


  • Sushmita Sen debut web series Aarya third season shooting resumes.
  • Aarya’s season 3 release date revealed soon by the makers.
  • Ram Madhvani has directed Aarya seasons 1 and 2.

Sushmita Sen is a well-known actress in the Hindi film industry, she was born on 19 November 1945, and her height is 5.6 feet.

About Aarya Season 3 Cast & Crew:

Aarya Season 3 Release Date: Filming Started

Jaipur, Rajasthan is the Aarya season 3 shoot location where Sushmita Sen returns on a shoot which was confirmed by Disney+Hotstar.

Aarya web series has been nominated for the Best Drama Series nomination at the Emmy International Awards. Aarya web series is the debut web series of Sushmita Sen in the year 2020 which was streamed on the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar and is the best Indian web series.

The series was directed by Ram Madhvani in both seasons and maybe Ram Madhvani will be the director of Aarya season 3 as well. The action thriller web series is set in Rajasthan. Aarya season 3 cast are Chandrachur Singh, Sushmita Sen, Namit Das, Vikas Kumar, and others in major roles.

Aarya’s season 3 release date is not revealed yet but will be disclosed by the makers and Disney+Hotstar soon. For more updates related to Aarya season 3 release date stay tuned to seriesonott.

Aarya Season 3 Review

When it’s about remakes there is a peer pressure of creating it way better than what the original was. The Aarya web series is a remake of a Dutch show and in both of the previous seasons, the level has been maintained for sure. Let’s have a look at the third part of this famous franchise and the way it is executed by the makers. 

Season 3 has Aarya(Sushmita Sen) in the frame who once again drives the drug Mafia gang, she is being chased by Suraj whose wife got killed by Aarya. Once again Hotstar has released a series in parts, hence Aarya season 3 part 1 has been released today and has a total of 4 episodes. 

Hotstar is following the pattern of releasing web series in different parts for quite some time which is pretty annoying from the audience side as the reviews are pouring in. The same went with the night manager and now Aarya season 3 has been under this category too. 

The screenplay has been kept quite interesting this time if compared with Season 1 and Season 2 which had long-created scenes that felt burdensome after a time. Episode 1 of this season takes away a slow start but as the series initiates to proceed the pace starts taking the level a bit up, it feels like the show has been created to be released in part as episode 4 gives the entire twist and suspense concealed to be uplifted in part 2.

Sushmita Sen leads the show very boldly giving a powerful performance yet again, the makers have been very successful in showing her emotional and fierce side of her. Indraneil Sen Gupta impresses with his performance and Ila Arun is just superb, the way she is sharp and her role absorbs the character is commendable. 

The production value, cinematography, and direction is adding up its own charm to the whole show.

FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)

1. Will there be Aarya season 3?

Yes, Aarya season 3 is confirmed and soon streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Currently, it’s in the filming process now.

2. Where could I watch Aarya season 1?

Aarya season 1 is available on Disney+Hotstar in various languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and others.

3. What has happened to Sushmita Sen?

During the shoot of Aarya season 3 Sushmita Sen got a minor heart attack and was admitted to hospital, she survived the attack and is set to make a strong comeback. 

4. What is Aarya season 3 release time? 

Arya season 3 will be released on Hotstar at midnight on 3rd November. There is a speculation that the entire episodes will not be released at once but it has not been made official from the makers yet. 

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