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Review On Aver New Kahanibaaz, A 2018 Movie By Large Barrel select


IMDB 6.4/10
GENRE Fiction
Featuring Ashish Vidhyarthi, Sonia Trivedi, Rhea rai, Satiiysh Saarathy.

Kahanibaaz: PLOT

The plot of this short film starts with a couple looking for a taxi as they want to go to Shirdi. They hired a taxi then. They look simple and modest but keep on juggling between small arguments.

The driver of the taxi is seen pacifying their argument by intervening in his presence. The conversations among them starts with a famous dish of Mangalore called Sambar Vada as the couple hail from the same place.

The driver, being quite involved, kept on asking questions to the wife regarding why she does not do a job after marriage and directly blames the husband that he must be the reason why she does not perform the job, though the wife denies this allegation of driver.


The driver intervenes more to the male then asks him, will he have beer? Which he denied but still going deeper in the conversation he went on saying you must be partying heavily after office and coming back home drunk and beating your wife.

The husband gets infuriated then on the driver he apologized for involving in the personal matter after.

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The driver again told a story of a young boy whose mother was very genuine and lovable but father a complete opposite and can be called a well educated animal who just came back home to beat his wife and son.

One day a gift was sent to the boy’s father by his outside girlfriend. That clearly means he was cheating on his wife as he was opening his gift standing on the verge of a high Cliff suddenly things take her U turn and the fight starrs between the driver and the passenger behind.

The plot suddenly shifts to the drivers home then where we again see his transition from an adult to a small boy who welcomes his father home on the door and the father again beats his mother we observe an abrupt ending where he again dresses up to go and pick more passengers.

Kahanibaaz: REVIEW

Written and directed by Sandeep A Verma and produced by Vivek Modi, Kahanibaaz has around 2.8 million views on YouTube currently and was released 3 years back. It is a dark and shady story which contains a social message silently and is a tight slap on those men who are brutal and violent to their wife and children.

The story is depicted through a taxi driver who is reciting this personal story of him to a passenger couple who are on the way to Shirdi with him. Talking about the screenplay it has been kept simple and good as needed.

The writing part and the transition made in the movie at points was also good and can be appreciated but the creation of the plot seems a bit confusing as it does not establish exact connectivity and suddenly the plot gets transferred to the drivers home. 

Moreover it is a story of every family who has animals in the form of men who come back home drunk and behave like wild animals. The team was successful in giving this message to the society in the form of a fictional story. 

Happy watching!

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Director: Sandeep A Verma

Date Created: 1970-01-01 00:33

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