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Meri Preeto Review – A mindblowing short Film By Large Barrel

Meri Preeto
Review On 039Meri Preeto039 A short Film By Large Barrel Meri Preeto

Director: Tanya Malik

Date Created: 2024-06-19 06:33

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“Review On ‘Meri Preeto’, A short Film By Large Barrel Select” Meri Preeto

Genre Drama
Platform Youtube
Year 2020
Cast Navraj Hayns, Freyna Wazheir.
Director Tanya Malik

Genre: Drama

Meri Preeto: The Plot 

Meri preeto, a movie by large barrel starts with the full Punjabi Tadka music in the background where everything seems to be happy, satisfying and full of contentment. It starts from the delivery of a letter by a postman to preeto.

\She is so overjoyed after receiving the letter that she even forgets to give a trip to The Postman, both of them theme friendly which clearly shows that someone close to preeto lives far away and writes to preeto which the Postman often delivers.

Preeto calls her son and gives her to read the letter. She has mixed emotions while she listens to her son reading it. Her husband who is in the army  looks really happy and Jolly too and is so attached to his wife that he shares the slightest information he could with her in those letters.

She cries with joy as the letter ends and offers some amount to her son which her husband has sent in the money order. Every letter which her husband has written yet has been kept in a file in a systematic way. The chain of letters exchanged in the form of love continues for long.

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Postman arrives one day and looks for Preeto but she is outside somewhere so her son receives it. He reads something in that and hides it from her mother and runs looking for a place to hide the letter but the poor kid so emotionally connected remembers her father’s words that I will come back soon and after me you have to look after your Maa.

He breaks down completely there and returns back home and it’s the meal cooked by his mother and without a drink any words sleeps.

In the morning he looks at a loop brakes is good luck and runs directly to the pond meanwhile The Postman handed over the money order to Preeto and read the letter for her too. The Postman also understood this and did not tell Preeto anything to Preeto. The money order was made to her by Banteya(her son) her son, by his gullak savings as it was preetos birthday tomorrow.

Meri Preeto: The Review

Meri Preeto, delivers mixed emotion to the viewers with passing of each and every minute the movie was able to inculcate a new emotion throughout in the viewers. This movie is a reality check given by makers on the emotion of a family whose man is fighting on the border for the country.

Banteya, the son of Preeto did not utter a sentence regarding his feelings but his silence spoke a thousand Words just by the delivery of his excellent facial expressions. In the same way preeto’ s character was a complete justice which displayed the emotion of a wife whose husband is not with her.

The screenplay of this movie was phenomenal, the music in the background was able to add essence and flavor to the movie which it really wanted to deliver. The dialogues were less but whatever the dialogues were, they were good and appropriate to the situation. The Postmaster being a side character played a very important role in the movie and his facial expressions were quite appropriate according to the situation which was enhanced in this film.

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