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The School Bag 2017, Excellent Creations of Large Barrels With Rashika Duggal

The Short movie The School Bag starts with a schoolboy, Farooq, beating a door and waiting for his mother(Rasika Duggal) to open it and constantly telling her what happened in school that day. He had returned from a birthday party and looked really happy which can easily be predicted through his endless conversation with his mom.

YouTube Short Film The School Bag Plot, Review, And Conclusion 

YouTube Channel Large Short Films
Genre Short Family Drama
IMDB 8.4/10
Runtime 15 minute
Director Dheeraj Jindal, Anshul Agarwal
Featuring Rasika Dugal, Sartaaj Rk

Meanwhile, His mother tells him to cook his favorite food of Farooq as his birthday also falls tomorrow. Farooq becomes excited regarding his favorite meal to be cooked and enquires to his mother that will she make delicious Seviyan? He was thrilled to know the answer was ‘yes’. His mother then tells him that his Abu phone called in the morning and they will go out in the evening as a family.

His mother then opens Farooq’s school bag and asks him to keep his book intact as it always comes home torn. Farooq then demands a new school bag as his birthday present, the one which he showed last time in the market. She says to demand it from his Abbu. Innocent Farooq gets angry as he wants to take a new back to school tomorrow. It’s the morning of Farooq’s birthday.

The School Bag free youtube short film
The School Bag free youtube short film

She calls him to get up for school, Farooq replies in a disappointed and harsh tone but when he comes out he finds the same bag kept on his bed. Farooq hugs his mother and behaves like a good and disciplined boy. He turns seven today and his mother gets him dressed for school pampering him all the way.

He lives for school with his new school bag then she starts working in the kitchen preparing Seviyan for Farooq and assumes that he would be happy with his new bag on his birthday and must be showing it to his school friends and teachers. Meanwhile, the radio playing behind in the kitchen shares the news that the terrorist has fired the Army Public School of Peshawar and it was the same school where Farooq studies. She remains still after hearing the news and suddenly someone knocks at the door. It was a policeman with Farooq’s school bag. Farooq was no more and was killed in the attack by the terrorist.

The School Bag 2017 rashika Duggal short film
The School Bag 2017 Rashika Duggal short film

Rasika Duggal Short Film The School Bag Review

Large parallel short films always come up with straight-off topics and this film is based on a real incident that took place in an Army School in Peshawar in 2014, which took away 132 innocent young lives. This large viral film The School Bag revolves around the same plot and encapsulates a very heart-touching and wrenching story and engulfs the feelings of those thousand mothers and families who lost their children due to war and inhuman behavior.

Sometimes we are able to connect with the movie and sometimes not. The brilliant part is the real connection between the audience and the characters. When the policeman arrived on the doorstep with the school bag of Farooq we as an audience also felt the heart of a mother and what she must be going through, all thanks to the excellent screenplay and brilliant writing. The plot exactly revolves around a school bag for which Farooq was reluctant to have as a birthday present but in the end, the mother regrets buying it. She thinks if she would not have bought it Farooq would have been at home that day.

The School Bag Short Film Conclusion 

The School Bag 2017 short film review
The School Bag 2017 short film review

The movie The School Bag comes up with the message that war is never an option. Taking away the life of someone who is not even involved and is guilty of anything is never an option. Rasika Duggal has played the role really well and Sartaj RK the child artist has been clearly able to keep alive the innocence and purity on screen. Both the characters juxtapose the love and warmth of a mother-son relationship. The film seems natural to watch and is a brilliant execution of a large barrel.

The School Bag
The School Bag 2017 series on ott review The School Bag

Director: Dheeraj Jindal

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