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Gatham Movie Review: A thriller of 2020 which dupes but is absorbing

Gatham Movie Review: A thriller of 2020 which dupes but is absorbing - Series ON OTT
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Director: Kiran Reddy

Date Created: 2022-12-28 22:21

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Gatham Movie Review: Gatham surprised everyone. There was no advertising campaign, and the Telugu film was only discovered by the media some days before it began airing on Amazon Prime Video. It was proposed as a psychological thriller by a group of Indian-origin cinema enthusiasts residing in the United States.

Release Year 2020
OTT Platform Amazon Prime Video
Genre Thriller
IMDb 6.2/10


Gatham Movie Review: 

Gatham Movie Review: A thriller of 2020 which dupes but is absorbing Watch Now

Gatham begins with an overhead picture of a snow-covered landscape in which two individuals flee for their life, only to succumb. Within minutes, there are more crime flashes, and one of the main protagonists, Rishi, wakes up in a hospital, where he is told he has neurological damage and loss of memory. Rishi cannot recall the lady who is ostensibly his girlfriend; given the circumstances, they stay friendly but emotionally distant. Gatham begins to trudge along conventional psychological crime thriller cliches. When a vehicle breakdown traps the couple in an isolated property with a son and father who exhibit psychopath symptoms, it appears to be a second cold and boring thriller about trapped people urgently attempting to escape. Only Sricharan Pakala’s background soundtrack could pique some curiosity.

The very first thing that strikes you is the high quality of the production. Sricharan Pakala wrote the powerful BGM for Gatham, which boasts great camerawork. Rakesh is excellent as Rishi, although his voice sounds like Vijay Devarakonda. Poojitha excels in her supporting role throughout the film. The primary character, who portrays the kidnapper, is really convincing. Though he appears inexperienced at first, he performs admirably in his vital role. The writing is good, and the developments are presented in a straightforward manner. The way the primary cast investigates the crime is very beautifully handled. The climax seems to be genuine as well.

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Gatham Movie Review: Analysis

Gatham Movie Review: A thriller of 2020 which dupes but is absorbing

The film’s technical features are rather impressive. As previously stated, the images and music score are excellent. The dialogue is adequate, and the dubbing is effective. The cinematography was excellent, and the writing was adequate. Kiran Reddy, the filmmaker, makes a respectable start. His writing is competent, despite certain critical flaws in the film’s setup. Despite having a relatively fresh ensemble, he narrated the picture in a competent manner, which is commendable. However, the film features some simple scenarios and people to help you figure out the twists. The movie would have been great if this section had been tighter.

All of the key performers provide strong performances in Gatham. However, newbie Bhargava Poludasu’s performance clearly steals the show. When he portrays a villain who will fire at you point blank and quickly tell you where the first-aid pack is, he leaves you perplexed but enthralled. His motivations are ultimately disclosed in a wonderful way. Bhargava has brought out the severe dualism in his character pretty uniquely, and yet it never appears like two separate individuals – a compliment also to the well-constructed character journey. At an era when we’re familiar with semi-flat characters introduced with the expectation that the high-adrenaline tale would make up for it, seeing a character like Arjun is especially exciting.

The way rookie Kiran has braided such things into the plot is astounding and respectable, whether it’s a notebook that a parent uses to track his son’s crimes or a deer placed on the wall. However, while the writing is undeniably strong, it is not faultless. At one point, Bhargava’s character begins narrating the tale, in a film that had previously had no narrator, and you’re left wondering how he became the narrator and for whom he is recalling.

Though there are some evident mistakes with patching and continuity in a few sequences, the photography and entire editing more than suffice. Editor GS deserves full credit for creating the transitions so crisp that we barely notice anything that isn’t in sync in the set.

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  1. When did Gatham release on OTT?

Gatham released on OTT on 6th November 2020 and is one of the best-dropped thrillers. This film has Poojitha Kuraparthi,Rakesh Galebh, Bhargava Poludasu  and toktam Aboozary in lead roles.

2. On which platform did Gatham release?

Gatham released on Amazon Prime Video and is rated 6.2 on IMDB. The film has an engaging story and keeps you at the edge till last. 

3. What is the genre of Gatham?

Gatham is a thriller movie with a mysterious story. The mystery which it holds is unique in its own sense and keeps you  till the end. It is one of the average-rated thrillers on prime video. 

4. In which year was Gatham released?

Gatham was released in the year 2020 but is trending even today and if you are a fan of mystery and thrill you should not miss this drama. 

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