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7 Women and a Murder Review: A decent criminal thriller

7 Women and a Murder
IMG 20221228 WA0024 7 Women and a Murder Review,Criminal Thriller,New OTT Release,Netflix,7 Women and a Murder

Director: Alessandro Genovesi

Date Created: 1970-01-01 00:33

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7 Women and a Murder Review: 7 Women and a Murder (7 donne e un ) is an Italian language thriller about seven distinct women who become entangled in the murder of a man. Alessandro Genovesi directed the picture, which was co-written by him and Lisa Nur Sultan and starred Margherita Buy, Diana Del Bufalo, and Sabrina Impacciatore in the lead characters.

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Release year 2021
OTT Platform Netflix
Genre Mystery, Criminal
IMDb 5.6/10

7 Women and a Murder Review:

New OTT Release: Criminal thriller

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This classic murder mystery begins with the arrival of Susanna, who enters her father’s palatial estate as one of her meet-and-greet with an estranged family. Susanna’s quirky family members include her self-centered mother, Margherita, a nervous Aunt Agostina, a sneaky grandmother and sister, and Maria, a freshly hired maid. When everyone learns of the death of Marcello, the casanova-styled elderly guy, and Susanna’s father, the visit quickly turns into a nightmare. And they start to think of each other as murder. Furthermore, the scenario becomes a commotion as everyone exposes their well-kept secret in order to establish their innocence and finally realize that the killer is there in the same room.

Everything in the film is a typical genre story that contributes nothing to the plot. Despite the fact that the script may have progressed with the repeated components, the persistent attempt to push wit and humor ends up destroying the entire premise. For example, in a mystery film, one may disassociate emotions of death if the implementation of over-the-top components is comprehensive and believable. Due to the absence of character development, a group of ladies having a cheerful celebratory supper straight after the death of their family leader feels entirely indigestible and phony.

7 Women and a Murder Review: Plot Analysis  IMG 20221228 WA0023 7 Women and a Murder Review,Criminal Thriller,New OTT Release,Netflix,7 Women and a Murder

The trailer makes it obvious that the movie takes place in the 1930s in Italy when an entrepreneur is murdered. Following this, a group of ladies, his daughters, and wife, are compelled to expose some family secrets as they set out to solve the deceased’s murder mystery. The ladies are imprisoned in a bungalow as they try to figure out why and who murdered their father/husband. Each lady is a suspect, and they all have a reason to kill him, but nobody understands who the murderer is.

Overall, the usage of frequent and aggressive aspects to distract the investigation’s focus appears to be a hasty method with even worse treatment. Something that should not have happened in order to make the setting more fascinating and sharp. However, there is a true moment of intrigue that occurs roughly halfway through the film. When all the women discover each other’s mystery and sit back to reflect. The sorrow is that the entire affair only lasts a few minutes before returning to the boring route.

Finally, the plot lacks any unifying components. And I can’t think of anything else you’ll remember after seeing the film. The cast tries again and again to outshine the narrative but falls short. This Italian whodunit fails to meet the criteria for a concise and gripping film and hence lacks conforming to the genre’s requirements.

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1. Where have 7 Women and a Murder been released?

7 Women and a Murder has been released on Netflix. You can stream it on Netflix Italy. The film unwinds the murder mystery that’s exciting to watch. 

2. Who are the main characters of 7 Women and a Murder?

The main characters in the movie are Margherita Buy, Diana Del Buffalo, and Sabrina Impacciatore. Apart from them, there are also a few supporting characters. 

  1. What is the language of 7 Women and a Murder?

7 Women and a Murder is in the Italian language as it is of Italian production and follows the same backdrop and plot locations. The production quality is brilliant and the screenplay adds its own flavors. 

  1. What is the genre of 7 Women and a Murder?

7 Women and a Murder is a crime thriller that is streaming on Netflix. With an IMDB of 5.6 it assures entertainment and can be a perfect binge-watcher for today if you are into mystery and thriller. 

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