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Farrey Movie Marks Alizeh Agnihotri Bollywood Debut

Farrey movie which is in upcoming film that marks Alizeh Agnihotri Bollywood debut is all set to hit the theatres on 24th November 2023. Salman Khan is actively participating in his niece’s Bollywood entry and he launched the trailer for the film too. The trailer launch event held at Mumbai where the whole family was present to grace this special moment. 


  • Farrey movie release status 24th November 2023.
  • Farrey marks Alizeh Agnihotri debut bollywood debut
  • The movie is produced by Alizeh Agnihotri parents Anil Agnihotri and Alvira Khan Agnihotri. 
  • Salman Khan launched the farrey trailer in an event held at Mumbai. 
  • Whole Khan family was present at the event. 
  • Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Nirvan Khan, and Arpita Khan along with Ayush Sharma were also there on the special day. 

Farrey Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Farrey Movie Marks Alizeh Agnihotri Bollywood Debut
Farrey movie
Release Date24 November 2023
Language Hindi
DirectorSoumendra Padhi
Producer Alvira Khan, Atual Agnihotri
Production Salman Khan Films, Reel Life Production

Farrey movie trailer was dropped on Friday by Salman Khan himself. The film follows the story of a girl who wants to study in an IIT and earn money post that. 

The story is about a girl who comes from a middle-class family and could not afford studying in Big School. She manages to go there anyhow but gets in a trap to earn money by illegal means getting caught in cheating. The new debutant actress looks quite vibrant in the film and she is all evolved in the role as depicted in the trailer. 

Farrey is all set to release in the theatres near you on 24th November 2023.

Salman Khan Tiger 3 to Roar Ahead Alizeh’s Film 

Salman Khan is busy these days regarding his film Tiger 3 promotion which is a Diwali gift for fans from Bhaijaan’s side. Tiger 3 will be released on 12 November. Coming from the Yash Raj film banner it has Emraan Hashmi, and Katrina Kaif in major roles beside Salman Khan. Salman Khan is parallelly promoting this film along with Alizeh’s upcoming movie as both projects is very close to his heart. 

Tiger 3 will be the third franchise of Yashraj spy universe where both the earlier film was a big hit and after a huge wait of the audience, the third part is all set to drop real soon. With a run time of 153 minutes, it has been made with a massive budget of 300 crores. Salman Khan as Avinash Singh Rathore Tiger and Katrina Kaif as Zoya are going to leave this time as well. The plot of the film has been concealed as of now and there is no updates regarding its independence of its previous franchise or whether it is going to continue the previous story in the same way. 

Another Nepo Kid Enters In Bollywood

Farrey Movie Marks Alizeh Agnihotri Bollywood Debut
Alizeh Agnihotri Parents

Bollywood and nepotism goes hand in hand and there is always a bad troll happening whenever any star kid enters the industry as netizens blame it for the easy way they get access to a point where people struggle for years to reach. 

Alizeh Agnihotri debut movie farrey trailer has been released and the same goes for her as well as she has been served with the film straight in her plate without struggling to audition. He comes from the Khan family of Bollywood and is a niece to Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, and Arbaaz Khan whereas Alizeh Agnihotri’s parents are Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Atul Agnihotri themselves are film producers. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1.What is Alizeh Agnihotri Age? 

Born on 21 September 2000 in Mumbai, Alizeh Agnihotri age is 23 years. He is the daughter to Alvira Khan and Atul Agnihotri who is also the producer of the film. 

2.How many followers Alizeh Agnihotri Instagram has? 

Currently Alizeh Agnihotri Instagram handle has 2,68000 followers and she is getting a rise towards fame slowly after the release of her new film’s trailer. she has also been chosen as a brand ambassador for her uncle brand Being Human lately. 

3.Who is Alizeh Agnihotri mother Alvira Khan? 

Daughter to Salim Khan Alizeh Agnihotri’s mother Alvira Khan is a film producer and a fashion designer; she is the only blood related sister of Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, and Salman Khan. 

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