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Authors Biography: SeriesON OTT

A working place always gets lightened up with an efficient team around and here on SeriesON OTT we strongly believe that 'together we can do so much'.
We believe in delivering quality and fetch out the most reliable information for our readers. We welcome your feedback and love to work on it.
We would love to introduce our authors who work shoulder to the wheel to update you with the ongoing entertainment hustles.

The Majority of Authors: Our Expert Team

Archit Srivastava


He is quite zealous in filtering in the right information for the users and is skilled at analyzing digital trends bringing the best content for the readers and making a hassle free web marketplace for entertainment. A free spirited, budding entertainment writer who has his own writing style. When not doing his work and into work commitments you will find him with his favorite food binging on comedy films which is his favorite genre. One who loves watching films, reading film gossip columns and film reviews so much so that now he has quite mastered the art of entertainment being close to a perfect movie buff.

Yashi Ojha


Strongly opinionated, She is an ardent believer that a good writer eventually comes from a good reader. The more you read, the more you are able to convey as words are the pearls through which a sea of feelings gets an audience. A budding writer who loves celebrity gossip, writing film reviews, as she loves to analyze and execute. Loves reading and binging on the favorite shows on OTT Where comedy and romance is her go to genre, after all she is a Shahrukh khan's fan. A big time foodie, loves the smell of her novels, An old school girl who cannot compensate with her Adrak wali chai and might be binging on Netflix right now hiding in a cozzy corner.

Drishti Bhattacharya


Her love for films transformed her into an entertainment content writer that helps her to involve and cover films reviews and celebrities. She loves to shadow the impressions of her thoughts and cover each and every minute detail regarding the particular topic and educate the audience top to end. Her urge to give 100% to the work and its commitments define her as a person.Her favorite Indian actor is Sidharth Malhotra and her favorite actress is Kriti Sanon, she breathes Bollywood when it comes to films and binge watching on weekends is her favorite pastime where genre revolves among Romance,Thriller,comedy and Retro.