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Must-Watch Upcoming OTT Releases Movies in India 2024

From upcoming ott releases telugu to upcoming ott releases Hindi, SeriesOnOtt covers it all. If you are looking for ott releases this month to New movies on ott coming in 2024, you have landed on the right page. 2024 has many movies and series to showcase. In addition to the announcement made by Jio studio, the Ott platform is bringing a big transition in the digital world.

Therefore there will be many new ott release bollywood coming straight your way in 2024. You are on the right page as this page serves all the upcoming ott releases of 2024.

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Entertainment Buzz: Hot News, Upcoming Web Series and Movies

If you are looking for upcoming ott release movies and scorching for ott platform movies release date you shall go nowhere as SeriesOnOtt brings you an entire update of Trending and Upcoming News of movies, Series, story and date of release.

There are many shows and releases that keep on getting added on various ott platforms that have over the top concept, execution and production with a brilliance of stories that you just cannot miss.

Latest Upcoming Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu Movies List

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Upcoming Movies and Web Series and Story

The list prescribed below includes the upcoming Ott release movies in 2024 in various languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Kannada, Malayalam, korean and various other languages. 

January 2024’s Hottest OTT Movie & Web Series Releases!

January is the start of a new year and with the same it is loaded with many upcoming movies 2024 and show announcements that will come out throughout the year.

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Fool Me Once01 Jan 2024NetflixDrama
Society Of The Snow04 Jan 2024NetflixThriller/Adventure
The Brothers Sun04 Jan 2024NetflixAction
Tejas05 Jan 2024ZEE5Action/Thriller
Hi Nanna04 Jan 2024NetflixDrama
ECHO10 Jan 2024Disney+ HotstarDrama
Killer Soup11 Jan 2024NetflixDrama
GUNTUR KAARAM12 Jan 2024TheaterDrama
Journey12 Jan 2024Sony LivDrama
Killers Of The Flower Moon12 Jan 2024Apple TV+Crime
Captain Miller12 Jan 2024TheaterAction
Ruslaan12 Jan 2024TheaterDrama
DASHMI19 Jan 2024TheaterDrama
Eagle12 Jan 2024TheaterDrama
Merry Christmas12 Jan 2024TheaterDrama
True Detective: Night Country15 Jan 2024Jio CinemaDrama
HANU-MAN12 Jan 2024TheaterAction
MAIN ATAL HOON19 Jan 2024TheaterDrama
The Kitchen19 Jan 2024NetflixDrama/Action
INDIAN POLICE FORCE19 Jan 2024TheaterAction
FIGHTER25 Jan 2024TheaterAction/Thriller
Project K2024N/AAction
Night Swim2024N/AHorror
Bob Marley: One Love2024N/ADrama
El Muerto2024N/AComedy
Amaravathi Atu Itu2024N/AAction
The Tiger's Apprentice2024N/AKids
Ustaad Bhagat Singh2024N/AAction
Code8 - Part 22024NetflixDrama
Avatar the Last Airbender2024NetflixDrama
TheBoys Season 42024Prime VideoAction

January has a variety of shows to showcase and ott is the hub of content. There are a variety of releases on Netflix, hotstar, Prime Video, Jiocinema and all other ott platforms to witness.

February 2024’s Unmissable OTT Movie & Web Story Releases!

upcoming ott release movies and shows in February are all stocked up as the Valentine month primarily serves romance. Netflix stock of content is prominently full as there are various shows and movies lined up.

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
SRIDEVI PRASANNA02 Feb 2024TheatarDrama
Mr. and Mrs. Smith02 Feb 2024Prime VideoAction
One Day08 Feb 2024NetflixDrama
DELIVERY BOY09 Feb 2024TheatarAction
EAGLE09 Feb 2024TheatarDrama
Shivrayancha Chhava16 Feb 2024TheatarDrama
Bhima16 Feb 2024TheatarDrama
Fast & Furious 112024N/AAction
Wise Guys2024N/ADrama
Avatar22 Feb 2024NetflixAction
Dirty Dancing2024N/ADrama
What About Love2024N/ADrama
The Penguin2024N/AAction
Madame Web2024N/ASci/Fi

The month of love has many newbie shows that serve romance and drama. Let’s look out for the release of february.

Web Series & OTT Movie Releases to Ignite Your March 2024!

We have got a handful of releases when it comes to March that’s tough to keep track of here series on ott is here for you. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
SPACEMAN1 March 2024NetflixAdventure/Thriller
Laapataa Ladies1 March 2024TheaterDrama
The Regime3 March 2024MaxDrama/Action
DAMSEL8 March 2024NetflixDrama/Action
Double Ismart2024N/AAction
YODHA15 March 2024TheaterAction
The Fall Guy2024N/AAdventure
Kung Fu Panda 42024N/AAnimation
A Quiet Place: Day One2024N/AHorror
Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire2024N/AAction
Snow White2024N/AFantasy
Rabb Da Radio 32024N/ADrama
Mickey 172024N/ASci/Fi
Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse2024N/AAnimation
Giving Thanks2024N/AComedy

March gives you merry when it comes to digital content. There are many new ott releases that are often dropped in March. Let us have a checkout at March ott releases. 

Unveiling the OTT Movies & Web Series Releases of April 2024!

Ott is a platform having a verse of content that never disappoints and users can pick genre and entertainment of their own choice.

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Fallout12 April 2024Prime VideoAction
RebelMoon19 April 2024NetflixAction
House of the Dragon" Season 22024TheaterDrama
The Boys Season 42024Prime VideoDrama
DEVARA05 April 2024TheaterAction/Thriller
Untitled M. Night Shyamalan2024N/AThriller
Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha26 April 2024TheaterDrama
The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim2024N/AFantasy
The Art and the Aardvark2024N/AKids
Sheran Di Kaum Punjabi2024N/AAction
Godzilla x Kong2024 Apple TV+Action

After seeing many of an exotic releases of February and March, April is all set to welcome many new shows and movies on ott. Let us have a look on Releases of April on Ott. 

Unveiling the Must-Watch OTT Movie Releases of May 2024!

After fulfillment of the release from April May is all dead up to exploring ott with its own content. Let’s make May more merrier by exploring the content of May. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Captain America: New World Order2024N/AAdventure
My Ex-Friend's Wedding2024N/AComedy
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes2024N/ASci/Fi

May is scheduled for many releases in terms of movies and web series. There are many upcoming Ott releases that will hit various Ott platforms. Let us have a quick lookout. 

Exploring the OTT Movie Releases of June 2024!

June has many more upcoming ott release movies on Sony liv and other ott platforms

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
The Karate Kid 22024N/AAction
The Watchers2024N/AFantasy
Inside Out 22024N/AAdventure
Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part Two2024N/AAction

To raise the temperature a bit more, June is all set to release some of the exclusive content on various ott platforms.As well as there are many upcoming web series on netflix that has to be showered love on. 

Let us have a look at the upcoming releases on ott in the month of June 2024.

Unleashing the Hottest OTT Movie Releases of July 2024!

If you are looking for an upcoming Bollywood adult movie and searching for a hot show to watch on ott there are gazillions of options available whose recommendation you will find on Series on ott by then let’s look for upcoming ott releases movies of july. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Despicable Me 42024N/AAdventure
Transformers One2024N/AAction

Binging on content is everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. Ott never let you down when it comes to getting watch recommendations and choices to watch be it thriller, suspense, crime or comedy. 

Let’s put our fingers on upcoming Ott releases of July. 

Unveiling the Sensational OTT Movie Releases of August 2024!

Theaters are running out of showtimes when it is about movie releases in August. OMG 2, Gadar 2 all these movies are scheduled for August and there are many announcements yet to be made but is it the same for ott? Let’s check out. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Harold and the Purple Crayon2024N/AAnimation
Speak No Evil2024N/AHorror
They Listen2024N/AHorror

There are many shows and movies on ott that are lined up for August release on Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, JioCinema and such other ott. 

Let’s have a quick glimpse of Movies and shows coming on ott this August. 

Discover the Unmissable OTT Movie Releases of September 2024!

The year is close to end but ott has no end when it comes to exploring and releasing content. There is much more happening in the ott verse to put your hands on. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Beetlejuice 22024N/AFantasy

OTT platforms are currently ruling the digital platforms. There are plenty of search options available with different platforms. From bold content to witnessing comedy, Ott has it all. 

Here is the list of Upcoming Ott releases of September 2024.

Unveiling the Enthralling OTT Movie Releases of October 2024!

Ott is seeing a great transition in content, there are many experimental content that keeps on releasing that turns your time into a great watch routine. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Deva11 October 2024TheaterAction/ Thriller
Joker: Folie á Deux2024N/ADrama
Housefull 52024TheatreComedy

October is all set to release some of its optimistic releases in 2024 on Ott. 

Let’s have a look at October releases in 2024.

Unveiling the Epic OTT Movie Releases of November 2024!

OTT platforms have come a long way when it comes to curating content with high production quality. There is no limit when it comes to finding options and Series on Ott (Seriesonott) guides you with the same. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Deadpool 32024N/AAction
Raid 215 November 2024TheaterDrama
Rachel and the Unicorn Diaries2024N/AAction
Gladiator 22024N/AAction
Wicked Part 12024N/AFantasy
ArcaneNov 2024N/AAction

If you are looking for upcoming bollywood adult movies and upcoming movies on jiocinema. These are the upcoming ott releases for you. 

Here are November Ott releases for you. 

Embrace the Spectacular OTT Movie Releases of December 2024!

December comes as the year ends. There are many upcoming web series on Netflix, prime video including upcoming ullu web series as well as many shows hit the winter month on ott to make your holiday even more better. 

TitleOTT Release DatePlatformGenre
Avatar 32024N/AAction
Sonic the Hedgehog 32024N/AAnimation
The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare2024N/AAction
The Return2024N/ASci/Fi
Wicked Part 12024N/AFantasy
Jordan Peele2024N/AAction

When the year is about to end and Christmas is round the corner the rush is released more as the world seems all cozy in blanket to just binge on. 

Let’s have a look at what December offers among upcoming releases in 2024.

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