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Apurva OTT Release Date, Cast, And Story

Apurva OTT release date is 15 November. This action movie with the cinematic representation is not making its way to the big screen. Directed by filmmaker Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, it is going to be one of the best movies Tara Sutaria has already claimed by her fans. The film brings the Fever of detective along with the concept of a survival thriller.

The new drama on Hotstar is more of a survival drama where the beautiful start of a relationship turns into a nightmare with a wink of an eye. This upcoming movie on Hotstar casts Tara Sutaria in a never-before avatar. She is definitely going to win appreciation for this one and shall definitely give an attempt to more such projects. 


  • Apurva OTT Release Date is 15 November 2023.
  • Apurva on Hotstar cast is Tara Sutaria, Dhairya Karwa, and Rajpal Yadav. 
  • Tara Sutaria movie Apurva will comprise her in a never-before role. 
  • The Apurva movie trailer is getting a brilliant response from all over. 

Apurva OTT Release Date, Cast, Story

Apurva OTT Release Date, Cast, And Story
Apurva OTT Release Date
Platform Disney + Hotstar
Release Date15 November 2023
CastTara Sutaria, Rajpal Yadav, Dhairya Karwa, Abhishek Banerjee
DirectorNikhil Nagesh Bhat

Apurva on Hotstar is an upcoming survival thriller where that follows the story of a girl who is happily engaged to her boyfriend. One day she leaves for Agra to surprise him but she is attacked by few robbers on the road who assault and harass her for their own sexual pleasure. 

Tara Sutaria shoulders the film as a lead whereas Rajpal Yadav, Dhairya Karwa, and Abhishek Banerjee are also welcomed forming an ensemble cast. The set of enigmatic conspiracies in the film forms a complexity of various elements. Hotstar has a cluster of action movies and Apoorva is going to be a new edition when it comes to a female lead film. It’s a movie about a girl who faces tough situation and gets stuck in a way as she plans to meet her boyfriend. 

Tara Sutaria to Make OTT Debut with ‘Apurva’

Apurva OTT Release Date, Cast, And Story
Apurva Movie Trailer

Student of the Year 2 Fame actress Tara Sutaria is all set to make her OTT debut through a surviving thriller movie Apurva. After the release of the trailer, her film is getting so many positive responses. One of the users wrote, “It’s always good to see actresses predominantly doing unimpressive and lazy romantic movies where her role is merely reduced to a side chick, get out of their comfort zone to do movies or show that challenge them as a character. Hopefully, Tara does more such”. This indeed is very much true if we dab our hands on Tara’s journey to date. 

The trailer is certainly fully packaged, it has a thriller, adventure, and all the needed elements. Tara Sutaria has finally got her hands on something where she can possibly rise. The movie speaks a lot about the problems in society today and AIIMS to open the lives of many girls who don’t know that these things too exist. Tara comes as a full deal breaker in the film and you may pin it to your week watch now list for sure.

Tara Sutaria Movie Apurva On Hotstar- Trailer Talk

Apurva OTT Release Date, Cast, And Story
Tara Sutaria Movie

Earlier this week the poster of this menacing drama was dropped by the makers and the Apurva movie trailer has now been released. Giving a small sneak Peek to what it brings out, the trailer opens with Tara Sutaria getting engaged to her long-time boyfriend and asking him whether they could marry next year rather than this. 

The story takes the next step after their engagement where her boyfriend is planning to go to Agra and ask him whether she will accompany him or not. Tara at once replies that she wants to take things a little slow but as soon after he leaves for Agra, she makes a surprise plan for his birthday and plans for a beautiful day at Agra

The story changes gears from this point where she is trapped by the gang of robbers on her way. She is tortured physically and sexually in every possible way. Apurva movie will be available to stream from 15 November. 

Apurva Movie Review

The story of Apurva is set in Jhansi where we get to see three dacoits. They rob buses and cars. One day they catch a bus from which Apurva was travelling. This snatches her and from there the whole story prolongs. The story comes up really short and it’s of 1 hour 35 minutes duration. 

The story certainly delivers nothing fresh and new and looks like a monotonous work from the makers but still, it can be given a one-time watch as Tara Sutaria has carried off her character quite well. It matches a slight from the purview of NH10 of Anushka Sharma’s character. The story concots no extra twists and turns and looks like a pretty decent watch. The best part of the film is even though it comes with a close-to-seen story but kind of glues you all throughout without making you feel dejected. 

The film is very good technically. The screenplay is very well written. Cinematography and colour grading also supports the film all throughout. The film is fast-paced like a decent thriller and the way Apurva’s life is shown in a natural way is quite inspiring from being an ordinary girl. She is able to fight all the unexpected things that are happening to her. 

Undoubtedly Tara Sutaria has just nailed the character of Apurva. Earlier we have seen her in glamorous roles where she just looked like a prop for a film but when it comes to Apoorva on Hotstar, she has completely proven that you need a good script to act well. She totally owns the film in the second half.

The best part of the film is you get to see Rajpal Yadav in the role of a villain which has not happened in the recent past. We are very much used to watching him portraying comic characters. Abhishek Banerjee also portrays the character of a negative shade however we have already seen him playing the same kind of role in the Patal Lok web series. Sumit Gulati was also good and used his acting spirit quite well. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. Which is Tara Sutaria Upcoming Movie? 

Tara sutaria new movie Apurva is all set to premiere directly on hotstar. This the first project of Tara on OTT and it looks like a complete stellar already. 

2.How Old is Tara Sutaria?

Born on 19 November 1995 in Mumbai Maharashtra, Tara Sutaria is 27 years of age. She has been a leading lady in movies like Marjaavaan, Tadap, Heropanti 2 and Ek Villain Returns. 

3.Is Tara Sutaria a Hindu? 

Tara Sutaria is a hindu as her father Himanshu Sutaria belongs to a Hindu clan while her mother Tina Sutaria is a Parsi and belongs to the Zoroastrian community. 

4. What are the upcoming movies on Hotstar? 

Apurva is the upcoming movie on Hotstar whereas Haunted Mansion, King of kotha, Mansion 24, Sultan of Delhi, and Tumse Na Ho Payega are the latest releases on Hotstar. 

5. What are the best Hollywood movies on Hotstar? 

The lion King, Shape of Water, Logan, The Martian, Deadpool, Black Panther, Murder on the Orient Express, Life of Pie, Avengers: Endgame, Mulan, Jojo Rabbit, The Fault in our Stars, Black Swan, Gifted, Beauty and the beast, Forrest Gump are the best hollywood movies on hotstar available to watch. 

6. Who is Tara Sutaria Boyfriend? 

As per news Tara Sutaria is dating Aadar Jain. In the year 2020, the two of them started making headlines and made this relationship official

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