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TVF Aspirants Season 2 Release Date And Time, Cast, Review

TVF Aspirants season 2 release date is 24 October. The coming-age drama comes from the production of TVF and was created by Shreyansh Pandey and Arunabh Kumar. The aspirant story is written by Jagdish Sumitra and Deepesh. Season 2 of this super hit TVF original web series has finally been aired and can be streamed on Prime Video. 


  • Aspirants Season 2 Release Date is 24 October 2023.
  • Tvf Aspirants Season 2 actors are Naveen Kasturia, Abhilash Thapiyal, and Namita Dubey in lead. 
  • You may watch Aspirants Season 2 online on Prime Video. 
  • The web series has 5 episodes in total. 
  • The duration varies between 35-40 minutes. 

TVF Aspirants Season 2 Release Date And Cast

TVF Aspirants Season 2 Release Date And Time, Cast, Review
TVF Aspirants Season 2 Release Date 2
Web series Aspirants Season 2
OTT Prime Video
Seasons 2
Episodes 5
Cast Naveen Kasturia, Abhilash Thapliyal, Namita Dubey
Network TVF Play

The story of TVf Aspirants revolves around three friends, Guri (Sivankit Singh Parihar) Sk ( Abhilash Thapliyal), and Abhilash (Naveen Kasturiya) who want to be Civil Servants. The struggle sacrifices the face has been kept in front of the audience in a very real and believable way. 

Aspirants Season 2 Trailer 

TVF Aspirants Season 2 Release Date And Time, Cast, Review
aspirants season 2 release date 1 Creative

The element of predictability has been quite of this from the Aspirant season 2 trailer. Oscillating between two different timelines it’s the second attempt to friendship after Abhilash becomes a Civil Servant. 

With over 2 crore views the common section is boring in love as tvf Aspirants Season 2 marks its presence. Loaded with politics emotion and friendship you will get to see many thrilling moments with an excellent climax. 

TVF Aspirants Season 2 Review

TVF Aspirants Season 2 Release Date And Time, Cast, Review
TVF Aspirants Season 2 Review 1 creative

The story of Tvf Aspirants is framed taking a motivational concept. It is one of the most realistic series delivered by the Indian creators which also gets an original ending. This web series is for all the strugglers and hustlers out there who are trying to reach the height of success. 

TVF creators are known to bring up the ground at topics that hit the audience in the majority. Whether it’s panchayat, Gullak, TVF tripling, or be it any other TVF franchise it always hits the right chord. If you want to see what curating perfection looks like then this will prove to be a perfect binge-watcher. The way the concept of past and present has been molded gives an appealing layout that keeps you glued. 

TVF Aspirant season 2 comes up with a thoughtful message that even after hustling a lot you reach the height of success and don’t ever forget the struggles that made you reach at that point. Reaching a point of success is comparatively easy but after you achieve what you always wanted to have no one beside to share that happiness then it is of no worth. 

The story of season 1 has been continued in season 2 as well, with a total of 5 episodes the duration of each of them varies between 35-40 minutes. The story in season 2 has also be framed in two timelines. In an earlier scenario, the journey of becoming a Civil Servant has been shown and in the second one is about when Abhilash becomes a Civil Servant. The main conflict of this season is between Abhilash and Sandeep Bhaiya, it’s building up and evolving. 

The audience will surely feel the connection that has been built in between them and the characters. You will certainly be invested emotionally. The pacing of season 2 has been quite slow If compared but overall it’s worth the wait. The performance of the actors has surely given a new life to the web series where they look perfectly dissolved in their characters. The seasonal actors will also attract you. The BGM Aspirants has been kept to way too powerful, cinematography has been improved if compared with season 1. The fluctuation between the personal and professional lives of the characters is totally felt real at each notch. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

1. Who are the actors in Aspirants season 2?

Sunny Hinduja, Abhilash Thapliyal, Namita Dubey, Naveen Kasturia, and Shivankit Singh Parihar are the leading actors in Aspirants Season 2 who are from Season 1.

2. Where can I watch TVF Aspirants Season 2?

Tvf Aspirants is available to watch on Prime Video. The first season was released on 21 April 2023 and season 2 has been dropped in today. 

3. What is Aspirants Season 2 Release Date? 

Aspirants season 2 Release Date is 24 October 2023. This web series is greatly inspired by true story of Arunabh Kumar who is the owner of this platform. He himself prepared for IAS and failed, after 3-4 attempts of failure went on starting 

4. How many episodes of Aspirants Season 2 are there? 

Aspirants Season 2 has 5 episodes in total with a run time of 35-40 minutes. The earlier Season too had 5 episodes. 

Aspirants Season 2
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