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Umma Movie An Ineffective Cross-Generational Horror

What happens when your Tradition Haunts a mystery and horror movie for family entertainment, knowing the importance of Korean Culture and tradition? Relationships between families are the theme that is most deeply explored. Decode This Netflix Korean Horror Drama 80-minute-long Umma Film.

Korean Horror Umma Movie With Suspense Thriller

Korean Horror Umma Movie 2022
Korean Horror Umma Movie 2022

Umma Movie is a natural horror and thriller movie that is a family subject, a good edge-seat thriller for a family audience, and a way back to the traditional ritual and culture of the Korean lifestyle. Umma Movie has been well framed to suit with limited characters to play in the movie. However, the director was successful in delivering the movie’s message rather than focusing on horror scenes alone.

OTT Release Date July 16, 2022
Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery
IMDB 4.6/10
Director Iris K. Shim
Featuring Sandra Oh – Amanda, Fivel Stewart – Chris, Dermot Mulroney – Danny, MeeWha Alana Lee – Umma, Tom Yi – Mr. Kang
Runtime 80 minutes

Sandra Oh – Amanda Shows Generational Trauma Umma Movie Review

A fabulous Umma Movie describes an unsaid emotional struggle between Mom and daughter even after life, where changes have to be welcomed in all phases of life, as time changes, the necessary changes take place with humans, every parenthood should understand this and better accommodate their children with growth and development. It is the duty of parents to ensure the children’s career and their freedom are important, and any action of a parent may impact the children’s childhood even when they grow old, which remains a scar in their hearts.

Umma Movie 2022 Sandra Oh - Amanda
Umma Movie 2022 Sandra Oh – Amanda

At the same time, the upcoming generation needs to understand the reality to accept the traditional method followed and carried on for generations that has been a belief of their ancestors, even if they get liberated and settled well. It is important to ensure and maintain tradition and culture, along with the parents, and ritual practices are permitted if they will not harm anyone.

The amount of information revealed early on in Umma is another issue. The antagonistic threat is introduced early in the film, and the plodding plot never really picks up the pace to make up for it. The resolution, which neatly concludes everything without a lot of conflicts, is also problematic.
The peaceful monologues for contemplation in between these sections are obviously appreciated, but you soon realize they don’t actually constitute a well-earned break from the horror because there isn’t really any fear that manifests throughout the course of the 80 minutes.


Despite its brief running time and incredibly straightforward plot, Umma is not a movie you’ll remember for very long. It’s a film that squanders its potential before fizzling into a bland cross-generational horror.
In simple words, The story of Umma Movie has come with horror and Korean cultural traditions and practices, a different perspective movie with commercial thoughts.

Umma Movie Director Iris K. Shim Umma Movie

Director: Iris K. Shim

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