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Dhund- A Post-Partition Powerful Story, With Its Communal aftermath

Dhund is a short film based on the post-partition era when India was in a transition stage battling with inner conflicts. Let’s have a detailed role

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Dhund- A Post-Partition Powerful Story, With Its Communal aftermath
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The short film Dhund is based during the partition and recounts the account of a Punjabi family that attempted to save a Muslim family during the partition – obviously, that changes the existence of the Punjabi family.  The story starts in 1958. Santokh (Vipin Sharma) is the patriarch of a family in Ferozepur, Punjab.

One night, he puts his elder child down opposite him to drink. Harmeet (Sharib Hashmi) is shocked because his dad has forever been a non-drinker. Santokh starts thinking back about his more youthful child, gradually getting upset. Then he unexpectedly takes out a gun and provokes Harmeet to a round of Russian Roulette, wanting to wrest the reality of the past out of him. The story moves to 1947. Santokh is shielding a Muslim family in his home. He needs to give a safe section to them towards Pakistan.

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GENRE Short film, crime, drama
IMDB 8/10
Director Sudeep Kanwal
OTT Platform Youtube
Language Hindi
Starring Sharib Hashmi, Kanwar Pal Kamboj, Vipin Sharma

Outside, the Hindu-Muslim uproars rage on. Santokh concludes that Ahmad’s family ought to begin moving towards the line at sunrise. As they all head out towards the boundary in a vulnerable state, blue day breaks, a gunfire tears the air as misfortune unfurls in the fields enveloped by haze. Kanwal’s film fabricates a great rhythm towards its resolution. While the alteration might have been undeniably seriously fructifying in its general commitment to the film, Dhund proceeds to hit the right notes inside a general air of fear.

The riots that followed the partition of India by the British are a nerve-racking sign of the frenzy that can spread like disease through the horde. What happens next? How is the end going to be? Where is the communal aspect going to take this film? Watch the movie to learn the hidden secrets and questions! It is available on the YouTube channel of LargeShortFilms.

Short Film Dhund Cast- Captures Attention Perfectly

Sharib Hashmi, Kanwar Pal Kamboj, and Vipin Sharma are in lead roles in the film and they have managed to portray their role brilliantly establishing the story in a short time.

Dhund REVIEW- A Fearless Short Film 

Dhund- A Post-Partition Powerful Story, With Its Communal aftermath
Dhund by large barrel select

The partition of India has many tales which are unheard of and have remained in the graves of the past. New content creators are now looking at that timespan to come up with interesting stories that are bound to make people think, as well as talk about an era gone by.

A series of Russian Roulette in Sudeep Kanwal’s Dhund feels less like an exhilarating round of destiny and more like a frantic praiseworthy thing to do. It spreads out in Ferozepur, an old Punjabi town at the Indo-Pakistan separation line. It is about a man who drinks to suffocate his trustworthiness and is terrified by his dad’s abrupt carelessness.

He starts to comprehend the gravity of this second once Santokh discovers that he tracked down a cursing letter – from the opposite side of the boundary – in his departed spouse’s bureau. The film stretches back to an emotional night in 1948 when the Singhs were subtly supporting a Muslim family just before their departure to Pakistan. Skeletons tumble out of their pleased Sikh storage room after the horrible events of that day.

Sudeep Kanwal makes a fine showing of making his film seem to be an ill-fated memory. For Sharib Hashmi, playing a Muslim-abhorring Sikh lies at the far edge of the range. Hashmi is reasonably elusive here; his inclination to be over-expressive to some degree educates the contaminants regarding Dhund. All things considered, there’s nothing similar to a foggy North Indian sky to misjudge the significance of a “veil”.

Dhund is a signal of an advance notice from history. An admonition against lack of concern frequently brings about aggregate nonsensicalness and group conduct. It helps us to remember the cost of accommodation in the haze with its numerous tensions and delights. Overall this movie is a clear insight of the partition aftermath and will keep you engaged till the end.

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Director: Sudeep Kanwal

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