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The Crown Season 6 Release Date and Everything to Know

The Crown season 6 release date has been announced by Netflix and the last franchise of this famous web series will be segregated in two parts. Following the story of British royals, the first part will drop on November 16 whereas the second will be released on December 14.


  • The Crown Season 6 release date has been announced. 
  • This is going to be the final season of the show. 
  • The Crown Season 6 will be released in two parts. 
  • The Crown Season 6 Part 1 will drop on November 16.
  • The Crown Season 6 Part 2 will drop on December 14.

The Crown Season 6 Release Date Announced

The Crown Season 6 Release Date Trailer and Everything to Know
The Crown Season 6 release date
OTT Netflix
Director Peter Morgan
CastClarie Foy, Matt Smith, Imelda Staunton, Elizabeth Debicki
Season 5

Based on the life story of the British Royal Family, One of the most controversial British shows is all set to venture with its season 6. The crown teaser has been dropped by makers that came up with a release announcement. Bringing up the story of Princess Diana, The Crown Season 6 will be released in two parts. This is going to be the final season of the show where the first part will drop on November 16 and the second on December 14.

Is Season 6 the Last Season of The Crown? 

The Crown Season 6 Release Date Trailer and Everything to Know
The Crown Season 6

Indeed season 6 is going to be the last season of the crown as it has already been announced by Netflix. The shooting for season 3 has been delayed a bit after the death of the British queen on 8 September 2022. This is the last season that has been produced after her death and will wrap up the story to date. 

Season 6 promises to bring out the life after the death of Lady Diana which will follow the growth of her children and meeting their lady love. The first meeting between Prince William and Kate Middleton, recently the snaps emerged from the sets of the show that had a new cast. Ed Mcvey and Meg  Bellamy will be seen portraying the royal couple. The snaps from the set went viral from Scotland where the first meeting of this couple happens in real life. Season 6 might go on a leap of 4 years after Princess Diana’s death and the love story might take a head start. 

The show might also give a glimpse into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story hence viewers are looking forward to unwrapping The Crown season 6 which is supposed to drop soon as they want to witness the historic moments. 

The Crown Season 6 Trailer- The British Royal Family Sacrifices

The Crown Season 6 Release Date
The Crown Season 6 trailer

The Crown season 6 is one of the most controversial British TV shows that covered the life of the British royal family and the dark history it holds. Princess Diana of the British Royal Family is a name that is known to all and every individual is very much intrigued to know about her life in every phase and the series covers the same. The makers have not only given heed to Princess Diana’s life but cover the story right from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation to her death. 

Hence, The crown makers paint a subtle picture of minute detail. Every privilege comes with sacrifices and privileges. The reason why her (Elizabeth’s) uncle abandoned the throne, The circumstances that made Elizabeth the queen of England, The dark life of the Queen’s sister, Sacrifices that Prince Phillip (Elizabeth’s husband) made keeping his marriage alive, The life of Queen’s children, Their marriage, breakage of bond, separation in the family. Hence, every season has been segregated well showcasing each and every plot and minute detail that happened in the British royal family. 

Earlier many of the British Royals opposed the telecast of the show as it is not purely fictional and has got a majority of real inspiration. Therefore the British family did not want their private moments to be telecasted on screen. Earlier the queen did not have her consent for the show’s telecast but later things subsided and it was released worldwide. 

The Crown Season 6 ReviewUnwinding Royalty

One of the most critically acclaimed shows, the Crown with its sixth season has made its way on Netflix. This is going to be the last season which will depict the story of the Queen Elizabeth era. Show has excelled itself from past and present references and is a semi-fictional show that portrays truth most of the time. To add more excitement the makers are releasing season 6 in two parts where the first four episodes will drop on November 16 and the rest six episodes will premiere on December 14.

Season 5 of The Crown ended at a point where Diana was facing a rough patch in her relationship with the birth of her two princes. This season will move beyond the year of 1997 Where Diana’s Death will also be included as content. Her death is still one of the most controversial things that happened and she is one such of person about whom the world wants to know more, hence, the episode has clearly been framed keeping all these in mind.

The first four episodes act as if they are the boat that will drive you to the final journey and the last 6 episodes have clearly been concocted in a way as if it is showing something royal and magnanimous bidding a final goodbye. The casting has been kept majorly from season 5 but the add-on actors clearly add freshness to this entire web series on Netflix. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. Where Can I Watch the Crown Season 6 trailer? 

The Crown web series is a Netflix original series whose season 6 trailer has been dropped on Netflix and YouTube. The one-minute date announcement teaser gives a glimpse of the British queen and the sacrifices she made being a monarch. 

2. Will there be crown season 7?

No, there will not be Crown season 7, and season 6 will be the final part of the season that covers the story of Princess Diana. Netflix has already confirmed it after the release of season 5.

3. Who is the maker of the Crown series? 

British screenwriter and playwrighter Peter Morgan is behind the web series Crown. He has also given shows like Henry V।।।, Metropolis, and The Queen. 

4. Is the British Royal Family still powerful? 

The sovereign that is the King and queen has no political dominance over the executive and legislature in practice. The monarch therefore continues to be the constitutional representative but holds no power practically that could be considered as power that can turn the table of political dominance. 

5. Who is the royal family of Great Britain? 

The British Royals are a kind of chapter especially when it comes to Indians as Britain has ruled India for around 200 years. King Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Prince of Wales, Princess Anne, Catherine, Duke of Edinburgh, Duchess of Edinburg. 

6. List out the best movies on Netflix. 

Netflix always has a bundle of releases hence picking the best movies on Netflix is quite a tough job but among the recently released films, Kushi and Kareena Kapoor Jaane Jaan are the best movies to binge on. 

7. How many awards have been won by the Crown web series? 

The Crown is one of the outstanding shows that is a Netflix original and has won several awards. Primetime Emmy award, Outstanding Drama Series, Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series. Additionally, the actors on the ground have also been rewarded for their outstanding efforts.

The Crown Season 6
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