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The Crown Season 5 Review: Everything You Need to Know, Exclusive Short Recap of four seasons:

The Crown
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Director: Peter Morgan

Date Created: 2024-05-22 14:45

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The Crown Season 5 Review: British royals have always been the talk of the town for the whole wide world. The inquisitiveness of people for getting through the lesser-known facts about them has always made it to the top of the headlines. 

Peter Morgan, the creator of this franchise grabbed this golden opportunity of telling the world the Royal story. The crown is all about the reign of Queen Elizabeth and the transition that world history overtook. Beginning from the era of King George the Elizabethan age has also come to an end now and Britain has found its new king after 70 years of the queen’s rule. Though the coronation ceremony of King Charles hasn’t happened yet and will soon be done. 

This Web Series will take you to the fictional created world plot of the Royals but the story shown here has been a mix of fiction and reality and depends only upon the facts makers are able to collect from a close source, but The crown is close to reality. 



  • The crown was dropped in 2016 with its season 1.
  • The series is based on an award-winning play ‘The Audience’. 
  • It carries the story of British Royals and the era of Queen Elizabeth. 
  • The character of various people in different timelines have been played by different people hence the star cast keeps on changing. 
  • This show is very much close to reality and only has a point percent of fiction. 
  • This web series will not cover the story of modern royals and will end with Queen Elizabeth’s age. 
  • The filming of Season 6 was stopped to pay the last respect on Queen’s death. 
  • The show’s popularity was at once increased and came up in the top trending Netflix chart when the Queen died. 
  • Season 5 of the crown is released on Nov 9, 2022.
  • The show will have its 6th season as a final one. 
  • Season 6 of The crown can be a late 2023 release. 

The Crown Season 5 Review: Starcast/Release Date/Plot

The Crown Season 5 Review: Everything You Need to Know with Exclusivity, Short Recap of four seasons:

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OTT Platform Netflix
Date of Release 09 November 2022
IMDB 8.7
Creator Peter Morgan
Starcast Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, Matt Smith, Eileen Atkins, Emerald Fennell. 
Genre Historical Drama. 

The Crown Season 5 Review: Plot

The crown was dropped in 2016 and its first season was magnanimously followed and was liked by the audience worldwide with positive reviews showered all over. The plot revolves around the reign of Queen Elizabeth and how she was heir to the British throne for which she was almost last in line and then the era of her as a ruler was depicted. 

Season 5 of the web series will follow the story of the Divorce of Prince Charles and Lady Diana and the events later to that. 

The Crown Season 1: 

Season 1 of the web series is all about Queen Elizabeth’s marriage, how she managed to make it to the British throne and the reason behind King George’s death. It was all about managing to be an ordinary girl with emotions, two toddlers, a New married life, and with great responsibility coming her way. Season 1 also shows a glimpse of British politics. 

The Crown Season 2: 

Season 2 was dropped in 2017 very soon after the first season aired. This season covers the period of 1960. It mainly focuses on the political crisis in Britain and the birth of two children of the Queen, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. 

The marriage of Philip and Elizabeth is also shown going through a rough patch. 

The crown Season 3: 

Following the timeline of 1964 to 1977, which marked Elizabeth’s 50th.The death of her uncle Edward and Winston Churchill. In the same season, the extramarital affair of Margaret( Queen’s Sister) came out that led to her divorce too. 

The Crown Season 4:

This season beholds one of the most awaited stories from the British royal family that is of Lady Diana. This season follows the timeline of Diana and Prince Charles’ courtship and marriage. 

The hunt for a suitable woman for Prince Charles to carry the British heir was a rough patch that ended on Lady Diana but concluded in a very unpredictable way. The affair of Charles with Camilla was now in the eye of Diana too and after Prince William and Prince Harry’s birth they finally parted ways in 1996 and later that Diana Died in 

1997 in a car accident but the exact reason is still unknown though the incident is fabricated in its own comfortable way. 

The Crown Season 5 Review: 

The Crown Season 5 Review: Everything You Need to Know with Exclusivity, Short Recap of four seasons:
The Crown Season 5 Review: Everything You Need to Know with Exclusivity, Short Recap of four seasons:

After roaring successfully with the prior four seasons on Netflix, there is nothing much to focus on regarding cinematography, story, and its implementation. The makers are already so well equipped with the show’s pattern and creating an engaging story. The same brilliance has been shown in season 5 as well. 

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1. Is the Crown based on a true story? 

Yes, the historical drama series is based on a true story and every minute detail has been kept in mind by the makers as per the information collected. 

  1. The Crown is based on Which Queen? 

It is based on the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth. Her personal and professional life and the good and rough phases of life. It also gives a clear idea about the life of Prince Philip and Prince Charles. 

  1. What is the budget of The Crown? 

It’s a TV series with one season currently in the filming process, therefore, the exact budget isn’t mentioned but reportedly by the end of season 4 it cost around $130 million to the makers. 

  1. Is there any statement made about Kohinoor in the series? 

Yes, Kohinoor has been included as a slight plot in the series as the king’s crown precious diamond and with a mention that it was from India. 

  1. Did the Royals approve, The crown? 

As per updates, Queen Elizabeth liked the Show but the exact approval was not taken. She was upset regarding some of the rough patches shown in the show and called it much dramatized that it wasn’t but never really forbid it’s shoot or commented. 


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