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Hit The First Case: 2022 Best Telugu Remake Movie With The Cliffhanger

Hit the First Case: Throughout the movie, you’ll stay on the edge of your seat with Raj Kumar Rao’s new suspense thriller.

OTT Release Date 28 August 2022
Director Sailesh Kolanu
Star Cast Raj Kumar Rao, Sanya Malhotra
IMDB 6.9
Genre Suspense Thriller
Showtimes/Runtime 185 minutes
OTT Platform Netflix

Hit The First Case: Raj Kumar Rao Mystery Thriller Movie On Netflix 

Hit the First Case netflix movie review series on ott
Hit the First Case Netflix movie review series on Ott

Hit the First Case: It is one of the most awaited movies among Rajkumar Rao’s aficionados! Looking at the plot of the movie, the story is about a young teenage girl who suddenly gets missing. Raj Kumar Rao, a senior police investigator, is allotted for the missing case.

However, the movie takes a turn when the love of his life (Sanya Malhotra) even gets abducted from her own house. Are these two incidents interlinked? Will Rajkumar Rao be able to find the missing mystery? What is the prognosis for Sanya Malhotra’s tomorrow? Is someone from Rajkumar Rao’s family member involved in the missing of both girls?

Review Of Hit The First Case Telugu Movie Remake 

By gradually introducing the audience to the sinister world of twisted characters, director Sailesh Kolanu does an excellent job of creating the atmosphere of a suspenseful film. Additionally, he subtly incorporates his protagonist’s personal background into the plot without significantly straying from the movie’s central conflict.

Hit the First Case rajkumar rao thriller on netflix series on ott
Hit the First Case Rajkumar Rao thriller on Netflix series on Ott

However, the entire build-up is nullified by the way events pan out in the final act. The justification is ludicrous and decreases the real influence of an exciting story. In summary, the events are fascinating, but that is not adequately explained. HIT: The First Case is a standout in terms of ideas, although we hope the original climax has been modified to have more punch. A deeper level of writing would have made this movie one of the best thrillers, but nevertheless, you will surely enjoy the film.

Speaking of skills, Rajkumar Rao does well in the movie’s investigative scenes as police. When things get heated, he drops the ball a little. Sanya Malhotra performs admirably in part, although a poorly written role hinders her. Inspector Ibrahim, played by Milind Gunaji, does a good job, although his role, too, could have benefited from a more robust plot line.

Hit the First Case Movie Review: One Of The Best Cliff-hangers By Rajkumar Rao, streaming on Netflix!

Given that the entire movie was shot during the outbreak, the production team deserves extra praise for the spectacular cinematography. The production qualities are high and appropriate for the film’s theme.

While some of the conversations in the story have humorous elements, the music is passable. Although the movie moves quickly, the editing is brilliant, the script is what’s lacking. Without a proper conclusion, a thriller cannot make a lasting appearance. HIT: The First Case lacks in this area.

The writing for the male protagonists is excellent and gives them the intended progression, but the feminine characters could have been given some more importance. As Sanya is abducted, we could feel that she has a minimal role; maybe 3-4 scenes with one song. She could barely be seen in the movie and maybe some posters!

Overall HIT: The First Case, streaming on OTT (Netflix), has a solid first half but a mediocre second. But watching this movie will keep you glued from start to finish as you will be engrossed about the person who abducted those girls!

FAQ about HIT: The First Case

What is the release date and time for HIT: The First Case?

The OTT release date is 28 August 2022 between 12- 3 pm on the Netflix OTT Platform.

On which platform is HIT: The First Case released?

HIT: The First Case is streaming on Netflix.

Is HIT: The First Case Available on Amazon Prime videos?

No, it is not available on Amazon Prime videos

Is HIT: The First Case Available on Disney Hotstar?

No, It is not available on Disney Hotstar

Is HIT: The First Case a remake?

Yes, HIT: The First Case is a remake of a Telugu movie with the same name.

Hit The First Case
Hit the First Case Movie Review One Of The Best Hit the First Case

Director: Sailesh Kolanu

Date Created: 2023-08-14 12:24

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