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ChhatriWali Movie Review, Release Date, OTT platform of this New Sex-education Comedy of 2023

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Director: Tejas Vijay Desokar

Date Created: 2024-02-27 08:31

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ChhatriWali Movie Review: In the modern age, education comes with responsibility, be it towards society or oneself, you need not only be a book-fetish educated but also be aware of the life aspect and the importance that leads towards a sustainable and healthy life. 

This new ott release of Rakul Preet Singh on Zee 5 is all about condemning condom and why sex education is important. The film holds some message with a hinge of comedy to serve entertainment. 


  • Chhatriwali is now streaming on Zee5. 
  • The film is all about educating on Male-Contraceptive. 
  • The Film has a run time of 116 minutes. 
  • It’s a Zee 5 Original film. 

A zee5 original film: Movie review

Chhatriwali Movie Review: Plot

ChhatriWali Movie Review, Release Date, OTT platform of this New Sex-education Comedy of 2023

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Title Chhatriwali Movie
OTT platform Zee 5
Chahatriwali Release date 20 January 2023
Director: Tejas Vijay Desokar
Star cast: Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Satish Kaushik, Dolly Ahluwalia, Rajesh Tailang, Rakesh Bedi, Riva Arora

new ott release of Rakul Preet Singh: In a country like India where cinema majorly impacts the audience has too evolved over time. The 80’s showed Romance. The 90’s showcased emotional romance with departure or was based on revenge psychology. 2000 definitely continued with the same but the era after 2010 has definitely touched the topic which needs to be conveyed to society and educated them in many terms, hence cinema with the message is the biggest transition that has happened lately. 

The story of film is set in a small town in Karnal where people are not really comfortable by the use of condoms and they consider it as something that need not be touched. Sanya (Rakul Preet) is a chemistry graduate and desperately looking for a job, to support her family meanwhile she gives tuition to kids and survives herself and her family. The state of her house is no good. That clearly connects the reason why she takes the job that she is not really comfortable with. 

Chhatri refers to condoms in the film and one day she gets a job offer in a condom factory. The condition of her house makes her accept that job but the embarrassment leads her to keep it as a secret. Meanwhile, Sanya falls in love with a boy Rishi whose elder brother is a Biology teacher in a school but being a teacher of Biology he is not comfortable taking the class on reproduction chapter, therefore, he keeps the same on the other hand Rishi runs a Puja Bhandar. 

The film revolves around educating males regarding male contraceptives. Why should it be used? The film blends a conservative topic in an extroverted way and educates people about why it needs to be talked about. Unwind the story on Zee 5 where this Rakul Preet starter Chhatriwali film is streaming. 

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Chhatriwali Movie Review: Script Analysis

ChhatriWali Movie Review, Release Date, OTT platform of this New Sex-education Comedy of 2023

Janhit mein Jari’s film, Nushrat Bharucha featured a movie that almost dealt with the same plot and overview. It was a decent film that dealt with comedy that comes with a message. To be precise Chhatriwali does not offer anything top-notch like what Janhit Mein Jari already showed. 

That truly is a problem that even in a developing society like now, we still Whisper every time when we talk about contraceptives or some health issues related to women that need to be acknowledged. Cinema is truly working to Waive all these and influence people to be comfortable when they talk about health-related problems or anything that needs to be addressed.

 Ayushman Khurana has truly pioneered the trend of picking a topic that is not so prevalent but still relevant. His films like Vicky Donor, Doctor G, Bala, Dream girl, Badhai ho, and Dum Laga Ke Haisha are on topics that needed a voice. 

Coming back to the film Chhatriwali the topic has definitely been chosen but it has not been executed well in the manner to reach out to the public in the way it wanted to. Storytelling is weak, the practicality does not exist as the medical shop owner is himself considering condoms as something ‘Ashleel’ I mean why would someone do that? The way Sanya insist the women demand condoms from her husband goes blunt and looks vague as that gives it a vulgar touch than educating them on why they need condoms during sex. The dialogue has not been written well and looks clingy. 

The film more shows sex as a power rather than a need and desire that needs to be fulfilled but in a specific way. The actors’ performances are really good. Satish Kaushik has done a great job as the boss of Sanya, Dolly Ahluwalia in her mother’s role is quite Jolly and the rest of the supporting cast too has placed their aura well. The movie ends with data that still the usage of contraceptives is really less in India and that needs to be increased and that can only be done by education and addressing it. 


1. When will the Chhatriwali movie be released?

The upcoming movie Chhatri Wali movie was released on 20 January 2023 on Zee5 which means it’s now streaming on Zee5 from 12 am. It features Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, and others in a major role.

  1. Star cast of Chhatriwali Movie ?

The star cast of Chhatri Wali 2023 movie is Rakul Preet Singh, Satish Kaushik, Sumeet Vyas, Firoz Chaudhary, Nabin Luhagun, Prachi Shah, and others in major roles. The film is close to Janhit me Jaari film which was led by Nushrat Bharuchha and is about male contraceptives.

3. On which ott platform Chhatriwali is streaming now?

Chhatriwala is now streaming on the ott platform Zee5 from 20th January 2023, 12 am onwards. This movie’s second direct release on the ott platform after Cuttputli of Rakul Preet Singh.


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