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Best LGBTQ Movies of All Time On OTT

Best lgbtq movies of all time that you clearly shouldn’t miss out on. The whole month of June is regarded as Pride Month where we celebrate the LGBTQ community. Therefore, to showcase their presence and embrace their magic Series on OTT(Seriesonott) has penned down the Best LGBTQ movies of all time to add up in your monthly watchlist. 

Gay Movie To Watch On OTT

In the modern era, Lesbian or Gay movies have taken speed in release and production. Hollywood is a pioneer and Bollywood has also now started taking the subject seriously and has given movies like Aligarh, Badhaai Do, Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhan, and Kapoor & Sons. Gay movies on Netflix and Prime Video also have a huge category to follow from. We have given a list of the Best LGBTQ movies that you may add to your bucket 


  • The LGBTQ movies list includes Animated and Drama films. 
  • The LGBTQ community is celebrated for the whole month of June. 
  • Whereas June is called Pride Month which commemorates the existence of the LGBTQ community. 

Best LGBTQ Movies List 

LGBTQ movies in animated form is showered much love and are greatly in trend. The list below encapsulates the best LGBTQ animated films that you currently need to watch. Love Simon is a romantic drama that just cannot be excluded when it comes to Gay movies hence showcasing LGBTQ animated films with a hinge of romance. 

1. Queer Duck 

Best LGBTQ Movies
Best LGBTQ Movies on Prime Video
Release year2006
OTT platformAmazon Video, Apple TV

Helmed under Ice box productions, Queer Duck animated series has 1 season and 20 episodes. The runtime of each episode is 22 minutes approx. The show was first telecasted on the American network and is the first adult-themed show that carried homosexuality as a theme. The show is a blue comedy and satire that has Queer Duck (Adam Seymour Duckstein) as the main protagonist who is a nurse and is a big gossip head. Queer duck is a guy who is afraid to accept his identity. 

Queer Duck is one of the best animated LGBTQ movies to watch. 

2. Love Simon 

Best LGBTQ Movies
Best LGBTQ Movies
Release Year2018
OTT PlatformDisney+ Hotstar

Love Simon is a film based on the theme of homosexuality and carries the story of Simon Spier who is gay but he keeps his identity hidden from his family. Simon’s life takes a U-turn when he is blackmailed and the blackmailer promises him to bring out the truth about his identity. 

Simon’s life, therefore, takes a U-turn when he starts accepting his identity and his love for his classmate. love Simon is a beautiful identical film that carries a beautiful message in a simplistic form. One of the best LGBTQ movies of all time that carries romance in hand and you will be able to connect with the characters. 

3. Strange world

Best LGBTQ Movies
Gay Movie
Release year2022
OTT platformHotstar

We can sense a drastic execution change when it comes to animation and especially when it carries an adult theme. Strange World is an animated film that is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio. 

The story is about a family who are on a mission to save a magical planet. How will they be able to do it? What are the difficulties that they have to come across?  The movie follows a three-generational story that graces its own presence in every generation. Unwind the magic of this Gay movie/ Lgbtq film on Disney+ Hotstar.

4. The Breadwinner

Best LGBTQ Movies
Gay movies
Release Year2017
OTT platformNetflix

An LGBTQ film based on a novel, by Deborah Ellis. The story is about a girl Parvana, aged 11 who belongs to Kabul, Afghanistan. The rule and tough law of Afghanistan are not flexible as much and her father gets arrested. Therefore her family has no means of earning and they Starve even for the daily bread. 

Parwana then decides to become the sole earner for her family into a boy cutting her hair short and dressing pants and tees. The Breadwinner is one of the best LGBTQ movies of all time. The movie has also acclaimed several awards for its brilliant plot establishment in terms of super clean direction. 

5. Stars Align

Best LGBTQ Movies
Best LGBTQ Movies
Release Year2019
OTT platformPrime Video

It is a Japanese drama that premiered in 2019. It is a story of a boy who is asked to join a tennis board in his school that is going to soon be shut in case of its bad publicity. The tennis Club is struggling hard to rise but it is not able to. 

There are two male leads and the connection between them establishes an LGBTQ community plot. The subject is very sensitively picked up and the film is an absolute pleasure to watch. 

1. What is Pride Month? 

LGBTQ Community holds a special place but there are still many ways where these communities are still considered as an unrecognizable being. Therefore to celebrate LGBTQ individuality and to embrace their presence on the planet, Pride month has been commemorated which marks from the 1st of June to the 30th of June. 

2. Does Amazon Prime have Gay movies? 

Yes, Amazon Prime Video has a huge collection of Gay movies in its watch library. Believer, Lez Bomb, Henry Gamble’s birthday party, The Fabulous Allen Carr, Moons, and C.O.G are some of the Gay movies on Prime Video and there is much more to explore. 

3. Is Amazon Prime for Adults? 

There are no separate OTT sections when it comes to Prime Video for adults. In the same preview you may get the hottest and the sexiest show to watch, be it an adult movie, LGBTQ movie, Hot movie on Prime or any more. 

4. Is there LGBTQ movies on Netflix? 

Yes, LGBTQ movies on Netflix are available to watch: Free street part 1, Much Mucho Amor, Mercado, More the Merrier, The third party, A New York Christmas Wedding, and Summerland are some of the best-rated LGBTQ movies on Netflix that you just can’t miss.

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