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Extraction 2 Review: Less of a thriller much of an action

Extraction 2
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Director: Sam Hargrave

Date Created: 2024-04-16 19:16

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Extraction 2 is one of the power-packed action Hollywood movies that carry Chris Hemsworth in pivotal roles. Hollywood showcases action with full zeal, Extraction 2 was promised to be a thriller but does it feel like an action movie in disguise? Let’s find out in Extraction 2 Review. 


  • Extraction 2 release date is 16 June 2023.
  • Extraction 2 OTT release platform is Netflix. 
  • Extraction 2 IMDB rating is 8.1
  • Extraction 2 Netflix carries a full-packed action fever. 

Extraction 2 Story, Cast, IMDB

Extraction 2 Review: Less of a thriller much of an action
Extraction 2 Review
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Title Extraction 2
Release Date June 16, 2023
OTT Netflix
IMDB 8.1
Runtime 122 min
Cast Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farhani, Adam Bessa, Idris Elba
Director Sam Hargrave

After the release of the Extraction 2 trailer Russo brothers quoted in a press conference that the film carries 21 minutes of one take-action scene, this was enough to blow the mind of all action movie lovers. Series on ott has already done extraction 2 trailer review in case you have missed it out in detail. 

Whenever a sequel gets released there is always pressure that is it equal to its predecessor or not and the same goes with the Extraction franchise as well as the former film got much acknowledgment and it became one of the most viewed films on Netflix that acquired almost 99 million views, which is huge. 

The story revolves around Tyler who is once again on a mission to rescue a family that is imprisoned in a jail of a Gangster. Will Tyler be able to achieve the mission successfully? What will be the difficulties that Tyler and his team will have to face during this whole scenario? Get your answers and Watch Extraction 2 on Netflix. 

Extraction 2 On Netflix

Extraction 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. The full action-packed film is worth the watch. 

Extraction 2 Review

Extraction 2 Review: Less of a thriller much of an action
Extraction 2 Release date

The film is clearly a super-thrilling super-engaging and powerful performance-packed movie. The movie blows out with a fast-paced action sequence. The editing of the film is flawless and is done so neatly that it looks like one. The movie has around three long action sequences out of which there is a 21 minutes long one-take action scene that has been cut so neatly and joined perfectly as the cuts cannot be sensed even. 

The movie is a full-packed action thriller that will give You goosebumps at various takes. The awe-inspiring cinematic experience that the Russo brothers deliver through their production can’t even be compared. Chris Hemsworth’s performance has taken another level in Extraction 2 and most of the sequences have been done by him. 

When it comes to the technical aspect of the film extraction 2 is a great improvisation of extraction part 1 but when it comes to the plot, the movie is slightly weaker as compared to its former franchise. The character of Tyler is the main aspect of the film that will keep you glued to your seat. 


Extraction 2 Review: if you are a lover of action films and a fan of Chris Hemsworth this film is totally a dream come true. 


1. Is there an Extraction Part 2? 

Extraction part 2 is happening and the movie is currently streaming on Netflix. Coming from the Russo brothers franchise, it is among the big release on OTT this week. 

  1. Where can I watch Extraction 2 Online? 

You may watch Extraction 2 online on Netflix. The movie is live with a rating of 8.1 on IMDB rating and carries a full-blown action sequence. 

  1. What is the Extraction 2 Release Date? 

Extraction 2 release date is 16 June 2023. Produced by the Russo brothers and directed by Sam Hargrave the film Stars Chris Hemsworth in a major role. 

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