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You Season 4 | Netflix Best Ending Thriller Web Series

You Season 4, On the 9th of January 2023, Netflix released two important releases 2023 Mission Manju and You Season 4 which are new shows and films to watch on the Netflix ott platform. You on Netflix is a psychological thriller web series from 2018. After the success of the previous three seasons, now Netflix’s released trailers for season 4 are available on Youtube and social media platforms like Instagram.

In the web series, Penn Badgley reprises his role as Joe Goldberg in You Season 4. After season 3, the story may take unexpected twists and turns in the upcoming web series 2023.

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  • You Season 4 trailer is out on Youtube.
  • You Season 4 will be released on 9th February 2023.
  • Penn Badgley will reprise his role in season 4.
  • There are two parts of You Season 4.

You Season 4, IMDB, Star Cast, Director, Plot, Review

Title You
Genre Psychology thriller
IMDB 7.7/10
OTT Platform Netflix
Director Silver Tree
Star Cast Penn Badgley, Tati Gabrielle, Victoria Pedretti, Ambyr Childers

The plot of the best movies and series You on Netflix revolves around Joe Goldberg who is a bookstore manager at Mooney’s Books and an aspiring writer who has a toxic obsession with social media. In season 2 he moves from New York to Los Angeles.

He escapes his past and becomes Will Bettelheim, and he also escapes his ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers) in the vengeance in season 1, but he again feels the same obsession that happened in season 1.

In season 3, Joe and Love are now married, and they are raising their son named Henry, in California’s Madre Linda. Natalie, who lives next door to him and works as a librarian, finds that he continues to repeat the cycle of toxic obsession in their relationship.

The review of the You on Netflix series is based on the book of the same name. This is different from what is common for every movie or television series.m the audience and critics. The psychology thriller was thrilling and mind-blowing. 

The story was well written and happened in real life. The series shows how a person with an obsession does not always follow the right path and the reason behind every crime. During seasons 2&3, you can’t escape your past, which could influence your present.

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Penn Badgley, You Season 4 Trailer Review

You Season 4: Netflix releases trailer of part 1, Check Out this Important Release

The Netflix web series You season 4 trailer was released on 9th January 2023. It is now available on Netflix’s official Youtube channel and on Netflix’s official social media platforms.

The trailer focuses on Joe Goldberg (Penn Bagley) who is now Jonathan Moore, a professor. Since he left the US and is now in London, his vacation in Europe has begun.

In London, he made new friends and his past hunted him again like in the previous seasons. He now controlling himself from his obsessions with his neighbor but she is interested in him.

Meanwhile, he finds that someone is watching him. One of his new friends is believed to be the stocker.

In the trailer, it shows how Jonathan aka Joe controls him again, but this time he is someone’s obsession. We see Tati Gabrielle as Marianne, who tells him that he is a murderer. Someone is following him and we see who keeps an eye on the stranger.

Penn Badgley’s You season 4 is divided into two parts and the first part will be released on 9th February 2023 on the streaming ott platform Netflix.

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1. On which ott platform You season 4 will be streaming?

You season 4 will be streaming on Netflix. You can now watch trailers of the top movies and series on YouTube and other social media platforms. Penn Badgley will reprise his role for You season 4, which is divided into two parts. The first part will be released on Netflix on 9th February 2023. The series is psychology thriller genre. The previous seasons are now available on Netflix.

  1. Is You on Netflix based on the book?

You on Netflix is based on the book by the same name You which is written by Caroline Kapnes. The book was published on September 2014, and translated into 19 languages. In 2018, Netflix is streaming the best movies and series based on this book. Then in 2022, it released seasons 2&3 and on 9th January 2023 You season 4 whose part 1 trailer is now available on Youtube and it will be streaming on 9th February 2023.

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