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Latest Telugu movies on OTT: Year Ender 2022

Year Ender 2022: OTT platforms, the Gen-Z invention for amusement from the convenience of homes, have been blooming with brand-new material on a regular basis. With a plethora of movies digitally releasing week in and week out, we are never without weekend plans. To satisfy the urge to watch South Indian films, a remarkable list of Telugu movies has recently been released on OTT platforms. These films will pique your interest, ranging from scary thrillers to comedy dramas. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, try watching these Telugu movies on OTT.

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Year Ender 2022: Latest Telugu Movies

Latest Releases on Ott: 

1. Urvasivo Rakshasivo

Year Ender 2022: Enjoy this weekend with these latest Telugu movies on OTT

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Release Year 2022
OTT Platform Netflix
Genre Drama
IMDb 5.9

Urvasivo Rakshasivo is a Telugu comedy-drama film directed by Rakesh Sashii and starring Allu Sirish and Anu Emmanuel. A conventional middle-class IT professional finds love in his fashionable coworker. Things quickly go in his favor as the two get physical, but everything falls apart when he admits his affection for her. Sunil, Vennela Kishore, Anish Kuruvilla, and Posani Krishna Murali play important roles in the film, and are one of the latest Telugu movies to watch. 

2. Jagame Maya

Year Ender 2022: Enjoy this weekend with these latest Telugu movies on OTT

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Release Year 2022
OTT Platform Disney+ Hotstar
Genre Thriller, Crime
IMDb 6.4/10

Sunil Puppala’s latest Telugu comedy thriller, Jagame Maya, stars Dhanya Balakrishnan, Chaitanya Rao, and Teja Ainampudi in the main roles. A carefree conman encounters a young widow and gets married to her under unusual circumstances. But he soon discovers that there is an unsettling mystery around her. What is her background? Is she a killer? Dhanya Balakrishna is a talented actor, as seen by her performance in this online film. Her approach in the first half is diametrically opposed to that in the second.

Her understated acting helped her balance the part. Teja Ainampudi, a young actor, does well in his part. His comedic timing is his most valuable quality, and it is what makes the picture enjoyable. Chaitanya Rao’s character is equally crucial in the film, and he performs admirably in his part. Jagame Maya may have been a decent thriller with a stronger narrative by Sunil Pappula and a compelling script by Ajay Sharann Addala.

3. Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam

Year Ender 2022: Enjoy this weekend with these latest Telugu movies on OTT

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Release Year 2022
OTT Platform Zee5
Genre Drama, Thriller
IMDb 8/10

Allari Naresh chooses some fascinating flicks and delivers another real performance in this film. Set in the secluded Andhra Pradesh hill station of Maredumilli, the film revolves around the tyranny that the inhabitants experience at the hands of power brokers. When Sripada Srinivas, a government worker on election duty, arrives in this highly charged area, the political landscape takes on a new hue.

The essence of this Allari Naresh starrer is how the villagers battle for their rights against a corrupt and merciless regime. In terms of the film’s direction, Mohan has done an adequate job. Despite the fact that he has chosen an old issue, he has told it with sincerity. His casting, setting, and situations are all nice, but he hasn’t shown anything new. He created a film with memorable scenes.

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4. Like, Share, and Subscribe

Year Ender 2022: Enjoy this weekend with these latest Telugu movies on OTT

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Release Year 2022
OTT Platform SonyLiv
Genre Comedy, Drama
IMDb 5.6/10

Santosh Shoban makes an immediate impression from the opening scene of the film. Throughout the film, the young actor plays with ease, and he excels in comedic situations. Santosh also dances nicely and looks good in the film. Faria Abdullah draws notice again with her adorable appearance and talent. She is the one to keep an eye on since she has a strong screen presence. Praveen Lakkaraju and Ram Miryala’s music is adequate. Vasanth’s cinematography is eye candy, and he accurately seized the Araku and forest locations.

The editing crew should have finished the long second part more quickly. When it comes to writing, director Merlapaka Gandhi stumbles a lot.

5. Repeat

Year Ender 2022: Enjoy this weekend with these latest Telugu movies on OTT

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Release Year 2022
OTT Platform Disney+ Hotstar
Genre Crime, Thriller
IMDb 5/10

Repeat is a Telugu criminal thriller that stars Naveen Chandra, Madhubala, Satyam Rajesh, Smruthi Venkat, and others. The film begins with the kidnapping of a high-ranking police official’s daughter. As the inquiry progresses, it is discovered that the events on the course correspond with the plot of crime fiction. The narrative revolves around how the girl is rescued and the way the novel and the kidnapping are linked.

Naveen Chandra is excellent as the undercover officer, and he excelled in the job. His demeanor and body language are ideal for the cop’s position. The movie gains up speed after his entrance. The background score is excellent and nicely complements the tone of a crime thriller. The cinematography is adequate. The performances and twists are good, but the problem is the subpar opening hour and logical problems. Nonetheless, fans of crime thrillers may check it out this weekend. 


  1. What are the new releases on ott this week? 

OTT has given up many new releases this December. As 2022 is bidding us goodbye OTT Giants has also given up their 100% to keep the audience entertained all through. The latest releases of this month include TVF Pitcher season 2, Indian Predator Beast of Bangalore moving in with Malaika, Kathmandu Connection, Jagme Maya, Freddy, Govinda Naam Mera, and many such thrilling movies and web series. 

  1. On which ott platform Telugu movies can be seen very frequently? 

All the OTT platforms including Netflix, Hotstar Zee 5, and Prime bags the rights for Telugu and other South Indian languages movies but primarily Sony Liv is the prominent buyer of regional language films and has plenty in its library which can be explored at any time. The Telugu language is also experimenting in terms of genres and it has every category of film like thriller, suspense, drama, legal Dramas, horror, Romance comedy, and many more. 

  1. What is the best series on ott to watch? 

There are many top-notch web series to watch on ott be it in any language in any genre but the prominent among them are The family man, Patal Lok, Made in Heaven, Parampara, Special Ops, TVF Pitchers, or any of the TVf created series are best to watch on OTT. 


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