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Review On an Appalled Spanish Thriller: Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Wrong Side of the Tracks
Review On Wrong Side Of the tracks Wrong Side of the Tracks

Director: Aitor Gabilondo, David Bermejo

Date Created: 2024-04-16 20:23

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Wrong Side of the Tracks is a Spanish Netflix thriller Web Series about a former war hero attempting to protect his grandchild from drug dealers and this story brings some more excitement to viewers.

Details About Thriller Series Wrong Side of the Tracks

This week, the Netflix crime thriller web series  Wrong Side of the Tracks has risen to the top of the streaming platform’s trending list. You’ll understand why this show, in particular, is a force to be reckoned with once you learn more about the 2022 release.

Release on OTT May 19, 2022
Genre Thriller, Crime, Drama
IMDB 5.3
Director Aitor Gabilondo, David Bermejo
Cast Jose Coronado, Luis Zahera, Nona Sobo
OTT Platform Netflix India
Language English

Story Line of Netflix Thriller Series Wrong Side of the Tracks

It’s unusual to see a pulpy series get a layered story that elevates it to the level of a prestige TV show. However, with Unauthorized Living three years ago, David Bermejo demonstrated that it was possible. He’s back with a new story set in a Madrid neighborhood that’s falling apart but hasn’t completely collapsed due to one very angry man.

TV Show, like Elite and Who Killed Sara? will take you on a wild ride in each episode. You’ll want to know more about the tense situations these characters have found themselves in, but you’ll be even more interested in figuring out how they’ll get out of it. You’ll be clinging to the edges of your seats all around. Outside, a man sleeping in his apartment hears an argument and a gunshot.

He dials the emergency number three times but no one answers. He explains that he served in Bosnia and knows when he hears a gunshot. We’re confident that Wrong Side of the Tracks will become your new favorite Netflix show. Still not convinced? Perhaps learning everything you can about the show will persuade you.

Review  Of Crime Thriller Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks follows Tirso (Jos Coronado), a man who has grown tired of the disastrous changes that his beloved neighborhood is undergoing. Tirso has witnessed all of the senseless violence, from the new youth of the town destroying the places he holds dear to the same youth making the community increasingly dangerous by selling drugs. But it isn’t until his granddaughter, Irene (Nona Solo), is victimized by the chaos that he decides to intervene and make things right.

Wrong Side of the Tracks
Wrong Side of the Tracks

This war veteran is sure to show these gangbangers why they should never mess with his family. Tirso, on the other hand, has his work cut out for him because Irene is deeply involved with one of these troubled youths.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks is the creation of David Bermejo, the creator of the hit Unauthorized Living; in fact, he brings both Coronado and Zahera from that show to star in this new story. And, as with the previous show, he packs so much story into each episode that the episodes move along despite their lengthy lengths (the first episode is 80 minutes long).

It’s a pulpy subject that’s been given multiple layers to shine it to a prestige TV show, just like the previous show. The main plot revolves around Tirso’s attempt to keep Irene out of the clutches of the drug dealers in his neighborhood, and what he does when he fails. There’s also the issue that he’s a tough man who has grown jaded over the years, but he has people who served with him who are loyal to him. He is also concerned about how poorly his children appear to be managing their own families.

But none of this is done to make Torso appear to be a caring man. He has no problem calling Irene “Chinese,” despite the fact that she is Vietnamese, but he is no better than almost everyone else who meets Irene. He struggled as a father raising his children after their mother died, but it appears they still have a connection to him.

He’s a grump and a jerk who tells people exactly what’s on his mind, no matter how cruel it is. However, he appears to be the only person who is concerned that his neighborhood is being taken over by criminals.

Will this threatening grandfather be able to truly protect his loved one? Will the rising tensions be too much for anyone to bear? Nothing but time will tell! Until then, watch all of this and more unfold in the Wrong Side of the Tracks trailer below.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the show even more. Today, you can watch all eight episodes of Wrong Side of the Tracks, the Best Action Thriller on Netflix.

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