Comedian Sarah Silverman sues OpenAI and Meta, joining authors Golden and Kadrey in legal action.

Authors claim books sourced from "shadow library" sites in AI lawsuits against OpenAI and Meta.

Exhibits in OpenAI lawsuit reveal ChatGPT summarizing authors' books, raising copyright concerns.

OpenAI & Meta face challenges over copyright, data scraping, & fair use in language model development.

Lawsuits allege AI firms violated copyrights by training on authors' materials without consent.

Legal actions seek damages, restitution, and remedies for infringement, negligence, and competition.

Authors' attorneys worry about ChatGPT's text generation resemblance to copyrighted works.

AI legal battle fuels data scraping and fair use debate, impacting AI development and copyright.

Sarah Silverman's role and class-action suits spotlight AI, copyright, and data issues, setting legal precedents.

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