Rasha, Raveena Tandon's daughter, graduated and kept her promise to paparazzi by sharing sweet packets at the airport on June 4. 

Impressive academic feat! Rasha Thadani excelled at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, scoring straight As in her IGCSE exams. 

Rasha Thadani finds joy in singing and practices taekwondo, showcasing her diverse interests and talents.  

With an approximate height of 5' 4", Rasha Thadani carries herself gracefully, exuding charm and elegance wherever she goes. 

Rasha is becoming a social media sensation, offering glimpses into her life through intermittent posts, capturing the attention of many. 

Rasha Thadani, a charming and beautiful celebrity, has embarked on her childhood journey while remaining dedicated to academics, dance, and acting.

Rasha's name, Rashvishakha, holds a special meaning: "Rasha" for raindrops and "Vishakha" for Lord Shiva, as per Raveena. 

Raveena adorns her back with a tattoo of Rasha Kundli name, Vishakha, as a symbolic tribute to her connection and admiration for her. 

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