Sarah Shahi, star of the popular Netflix series "Sex/Life," has announced that she will no longer work with the streaming giant after the show's cancellation. 

Shahi claims that she was not given advance notice of the show's cancellation and was blindsided by the news, which she learned about through social media.

According to Shahi, Netflix was not responsive to her requests for information about the show's fate or for any kind of support in the wake of the cancellation.

Many fans have also expressed their frustration with Netflix's decision to cancel the show after just one season, which they believe had the potential for further exploration and development.

Shahi has been praised for her powerful performance in "Sex/Life," which dealt with themes of female sexuality, identity, and empowerment. 

Some have speculated that Netflix's decision to cancel the show may have been due to its frank depiction of sexuality and nudity, which could have made some viewers uncomfortable.

Despite the cancellation of "Sex/Life," Shahi remains a rising star in Hollywood, with several upcoming projects in the works.

Shahi's departure from Netflix brings to light concerns over talent treatment and the effects of streaming on the entertainment industry.

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