Melanie Lynskey dropped a bombshell as she disclosed that she and Kate Winslet had a falling out, leaving their fans in a state of shock.

In a recent interview, Melanie revealed that the breakup with Kate was "heartbreaking," and she's still struggling to come to terms with it.

The movie "Heavenly Creatures," where they played lead roles, has led some fans to speculate that it may have contributed to their friendship fallout.

Despite their falling out, Melanie still has a deep admiration for Kate's acting abilities and holds her in high esteem as a person.

The news of Melanie's fallout with Kate sent shockwaves among their fans, who took to social media to show their support for Melanie during this difficult time.

Fans are debating whether friendship can be restored after a breakup, following Melanie's revelation about her fallout with Kate.

While some fans are urging Kate to speak up, others are advocating for a reconciliation between the two actresses following their fallout.

Melanie's interview has left fans curious about the cause of the fallout and wanting more information about this Hollywood friendship that went sour.

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