Celina Jaitley was accused on Twitter of inappropriate relations with Fardeen and Feroz Khan. She responded in a way that silenced the user.

Celina Jaitley, known to fans despite few films, is active on social media. Derogatory tweet by "critic" Umar Sandhu has angered her, gained attention.

Celina Jaitley placed 4th in Miss Universe 2001 for India. In 2001, she also starred in Jazzy B's "Oh Kehri" music video and other videos for Bombay Vikings.

Celina Jaitley's Bollywood debut was in 2003 with Janasheen, which was moderately successful. Her second film, Khel opposite Sunny Deol, was a box office failure.

Celina Jaitley refused to play the lead in the film Julie (2004) due to disagreement with the character's reasoning. She acted in Telugu drama Suryam instead.

Celina Jaitley received praise for her role in Silsiilay (2005) and song "Belibaas". She starred in the successful No Entry (2005), earning ₹840 million.

Celina Jaitley had unsuccessful films in 2009-2010 but starred in Thank You and Shrimathi in 2011. She was rumored for Quest of Scheherezade.

Celina Jaitly, wedded to Peter Haag, has twin boys born in 2012. She gave birth to another set of twins in 2017 but lost one. She works internationally.

Shahi's departure from Netflix brings to light concerns over talent treatment and the effects of streaming on the entertainment industry.