Malika Arora: A Journey of Stardom, Dance, Yoga, and Fashion

Malika Arora has become synonymous with fitness and yoga in the entertainment industry. 

Malika's yoga journey began several years ago, and she has since embraced it as an integral part of her daily routine. 

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Malika Arora was born on October 23, 1973, in Thane, Maharashtra, India.

She has worked in numerous Bollywood films, including "Kaante," "EMI," "Housefull," and "Dabangg 2," among others.


Malika Arora was married to Bollywood actor and film producer Arbaaz Khan from 1998 to 2017. They have a son named Arhaan.

Malika Arora's journey into yoga began several years ago when she discovered its numerous physical and mental health benefits.


Malaika Arora, at the age of 49, has embarked on an inspiring journey in the realm of yoga. It all began in 2009 when she embraced a regular yoga practice, driven by her desire to improve her physical fitness and overall well-being. 

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 2013, Malika Arora completed a formal yoga certification program and became a certified yoga instructor.

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In 2015, she launched her own yoga studio in Mumbai, India, called "Divayoga."

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of 2021, Malika Arora continues to actively practice and teach yoga, spreading awareness about its benefits and inspiring others to embrace a yogic lifestyle.

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