Sara Beth Liebe shocked judges and viewers on American Idol by quitting during Hollywood Week after performing 'Roxanne' with Clay Aiken's guidance. 

Sara Beth, dubbed a "comic strip character come to life" by Katy Perry, surprised American Idol fans and judges by quitting the show during the duet competition on April 2, 2023. 

Sara Beth Liebe stunned judges and fans on American Idol season 21 by ending her music career on the show, leaving Perry trolled and Richie/Bryan speechless. 

Katy Perry: pop singer, TV personality, known for influential music and campy style. Debut album in 2001, signed with Capitol Records after Columbia. 

Katy Perry topped Forbes' highest-earning women in music 2011-2019, had the most-watched 2015 Super Bowl show, and judges on American Idol. 

Katheryn Hudson was born in Santa Barbara to Pentecostal pastors. She has a brother, David, a sister, Angela, and English, German, Irish, and Portuguese ancestry. 

Katy Perry moved frequently with her parents setting up churches. She attended religious schools, relied on food stamps, and used the food bank. 

Katy Perry was not allowed Lucky Charms or non-religious music, but discovered pop through sneaking CDs and hearing Alanis Morissette. 

Shilpa Shetty is a celebrity who promotes women's rights and animal welfare, is a fitness enthusiast and PETA collaborator, and won awards for her campaigns.