Irina Shayk, a well-known supermodel, recently had a great time at the beach with her former boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

The photos were captured on a rocky beach, which made the background look really awesome.

In a few pictures, Irina cleverly posed by using her arms to cover her chest.

Irina wore just bikini bottoms and wrapped a black sweatshirt around her waist to achieve a laid-back style.

Rumors were going around that Irina might be dating NFL star Tom Brady, which made things even more interesting.

Irina and Bradley used to be a couple and they have a daughter together, but they ended their relationship in 2019.

These pictures became really popular on the internet and got people chatting about them.

Irina's photos caused a lot of excitement online, with folks talking about their beach outing, the pictures, and her link with Bradley Cooper.

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