Drew Sidora is part of the TV show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" (often called RHOA) for its 15th season.

Drew Sidora's new season focus: From "gaslight" to "spotlight" - shifting from confusion to center of attention.

This season, Drew's relationship with her ex-husband, Ralph Pittman, has been a major focus of the storyline.

There's been talk and gossip about Drew's connection with Ty Young, a former WNBA player.

Despite Drew's assertion of no romantic interest in women, accusations of a connection with Ty have surfaced.

Rasheeda Frost, a star on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," suggested that there might be a romantic relationship between Drew and Ty.

Messages that were shared privately during the "RHOA" reunion appear to go against Drew's claim that she didn't cheat.

When Drew took part in a close scene with another woman for a movie, it made people wonder about her personal limits.

Drew and Ralph both asked for a divorce almost at the same time, just an hour apart, after being married for nine years.

Even though she's faced difficulties, Drew is concentrating on progressing and discovering her own joyful place in life.

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