Kate McKinnon: SNL star, actress, comedian. 

SNL's 2012 addition, Kate McKinnon, wows fans with flawless impressions and hilarious original characters. 

McKinnon's versatile personas wowed critics, from Hillary Clinton to Justin Bieber, highlighting her comedic brilliance. 

McKinnon shone in films: "Ghostbusters" (2016), "Rough Night" (2017), and "The Spy Who Dumped Me" (2018). 

McKinnon's talent won her Primetime Emmy Awards for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2016 and 2017. 

Kate McKinnon to star in 2023's live-action Barbi movie, a comedic adaptation of the iconic doll franchise. 

Barbi film modernizes Barbie, emphasizing self-acceptance, inclusivity, and empowerment. 

McKinnon's casting excites as her comedic talent aligns perfectly with the film's approach, bringing characters to life. 

The Barbi movie will showcase McKinnon's range, infusing humor, wit, and depth into her character. 

McKinnon's role in the Barbi movie generates excitement as fans anticipate her unique portrayal of the iconic doll.

Barbie Movie Star Margot Robbie

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Barbie Movie Star Margot Robbie