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We Own This City: The Truth Unfolding – The Review Of Hotstar Crime Thriller

We own this city is streaming on Hotstar and is about the events that unfolded in Baltimore in 2015. This English-language Hotstar-streamed Crime Thriller will hook you to the top.

Release on OTT May 23, 2022
Genre Thriller, Crime, Mini-Series
IMDB 7.6
Creator and Director David Simon
Starring John Bernthal, Wunmi Mosaku, Jamie Hector
OTT Platform Hotstar

We Own This City Plot, Story, Cast, and Detailed Review

A 25 years old black man, name Freddie Gray dies suspiciously under police custody, leading to riots and protests by the people of Baltimore hailing for justice. They want nothing but the truth, the city is in flames drugs, murder and all kinds of heinous crimes have surrounded the people of this city and they are frustrated with the state of affairs. There is regular agitation towards the government and all kinds of institutions in general. People have developed disregard and resentment towards the authorities.

Hotstar Thiller Mini Series Plot and Story

They have lost faith in the system as the homicide numbers reach a record high of 342 in a single year in a city of just six lakh people, the highest homicide rate seen in two decades. Everyone’s life is in potential danger.

The police department is under a lot of scrutiny and finally, they turn to rand-and-file hero Sergeant Wayne Jenkins and his elite plainclothes unit to clean Baltimore off of drugs and murder.

When you live in the city, irrespective of what you do you have to make compromises and cynicism becomes a part of your life. It is something that develops as you keep living in the city, coming face to face with the horrors and dark secrets of the streets.

Review on We Own This City - The Truth Unfolding.
Review on We Own This City – The Truth Unfolding.

We Own This City Detailed Review 

The competition, the traffic, the illegal activities, the corruption all of this or just on alone is enough to make you cynical. That’s where scandals come into play, scandals if properly investigated will reveal layers of government corruption, people who cheat off innocent lives, and many other institutions which protect such rich people. We Own This City is also about a scandal; we learn of many truths as the investigations go on.

David Simon who gave us The Wire is back and we expect nothing short of a masterpiece from him this time too. Does he deliver? Keep reading to find out.  We own this city is a highly dramatized show about a scandal that enveloped the city of Baltimore. It has been adapted from a non-fiction book written by Justin Fenton who also reported on the story.

What makes We own this city so powerful is the fact that one cannot question its existence meaning the scandal is well documented and out in the open, giving the creator of the show limited yet a lot of freedom to dramatize the incidents.  Many have labeled this show “Too Woke”, but what they fail to realize is that it is situated in Baltimore which is 63% black people it is a woke place, people are aware and forward-thinking in Baltimore, and they fight for their rights, and raise their voice against incompetent authorities.

We own this city. It is not a light watch. It demands your attention every single shot, it will immerse you and punch your gut before you realize it. We own this city and delve into the rise and fall of the Gun Task Force which is the best and most reliable to clean the streets of any crime however ironically, they are rotten at the core.  Some dialogues of Jenkins’ about picking fights and police brutality hit really hard, he says “you think you’re entitled to because you’re wearing a badge”.

Review on We Own This City - The Truth Unfolding.
Review on We Own This City – The Truth Unfolding.

“That’s the real brutality. That kind of brutality only gets in the way of you doing your job. No one is going to tell you what you need to know if you’re beating on them. Information is what will get you cases…If you understand your own authority, know the law – you win.” This powerful speech resonates more in the later episodes, what makes everything more haunting is the fact that the show opens with real-life images and clips of awry arrests, violence, etc.

It creates a more chilling impact, the people who are supposed to protect us are the ones who are corrupt, what do we do then? How do we fight that? How do we overcome that feeling of helplessness? These are some of the few questions along with many more that will rise in your mind as you binge through this gut-punching show.

We Own This City captures the insecurities of a man, explores his vulnerable sides, and digs deeper into narcissism, Jenkins goes down the spiral and we can’t help but follow the spiral and get consumed by the brilliant storytelling. We Own This City is on Hotstar the last episode is coming out on 30th May 2022.

We Own This City - The Truth Unfolding.
Review on We Own This City The Truth Unfolding We Own This City

Director: David Simon

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