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Vidya Balan Starrer The Dirty Picture Movie Review: Watch On MX Player

The Dirty Picture
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Director: Milan Lutharia

Date Created: 2024-06-23 20:00

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One of the steamiest films of Vidya Balan, a biographical drama loosely based on the life of Silk Smitha and other actresses known for their lusty roles ‘The Dirty Picture’ released in theaters in 2011 but is now released on the OTT platform MX Player

Vidya Balan Starrer The Dirty Picture 2011 Review, Cast and Plot

The movie The Dirty Picture shows Reshma (Vidya Balan), who escapes from her village with the desire to become an actress in Chennai. After facing multiple difficulties in the starting, producer Selva Ganesh (Rajesh Sharma) offers her a role in a song in his film and renames her as “Silk”, which is more catchy as a screen name.

Release on OTT 13th April, 2022
Genre Drama, Music
IMDB 6.6/10
Director Milan Lutharia
OTT Platform MX Player
Language Hindi

Vidya Balan Starrer The Dirty Picture 2011 Review, Cast and Plot

In his first scene, Silk gets the opportunity to dance with veteran actor Suryakanth (Naseeruddin Shah), who is her childhood favourite. She impresses him and they both have long-term sexual relationship. Gradually, Silk builds a reputation for by acting in multiple erotic films and becomes a famous sex icon. Suryakanth’s younger brother Ramakanth (Tusshar Kapoor) develops a friendship with Silk and she starts liking him since he is the first person who likes her for more than only her appearance.

After being humiliated by Suryakanth at an award show, she comes closer to Ramakanth and becomes a gossip topic for journalist Naila (Anju Mahendru) for having relations with both brothers. After trying to trip a younger aspiring actress, Shakeela, Ramakanth ends their relationship. Heartbroken and rejected by family, she resorts to alcohol and smoking which affects her body and ultimately the audience starts losing their interest in her. What happened to her next and how did her erotic legacy fade? The answer to all these questions lies in the movie The Dirty Picture on MX Player.

The Dirty Picture Movie Review

The Dirty Picture Movie Review

Vidya Balan has given an incredible performance and seeing her playing the character of a contemporary sex icon so adeptly only does justice to her acting abilities. The versatility that she brings to the fore is only bettered by her performance in her other films like Paa, Ishqiya and No One Killed Jessica.

Vidya Balan has portrayed a bold role in the movie. Reshma, who is now Silk, summarizes the appearance of a female which is the usual fantasy of an Indian male. The narrator, portrayed by Emraan Hashmi, who is a director of softcore movies, is a true man and pragmatic man. Silk’s story involves a combination of circumstance, desire and resilience, which is common in all success stories. She does not want respect, stays connected to a famous actor and is protected from other people.

This factor is obvious for many Indian actresses. The movie The Dirty Picture has tried to portray the 80s with more dialogues, some resounding scenes indicating casualty situations. The famous, sexagenarian actor, Suryakanth who demands hefty payments for his single takes, is played extremely well by veteran Naseeruddin Shah. The difference between the charm of acting on the big screen with your childhood idol and the reality of knowing a top actor’s personality is well portrayed.

The Dirty Picture Movie Review

The fact that despite having such a big name, he could not control himself from associating with Silk, is a testimony to her physical beauty. The acceptance of Silk as a part of society was a taboo, which is shown as the main theme of the film. Despite giving an impression that she did not care, reality hit hard and constant rejection led her to resort to intoxication in the form of alcohol and smoke when all other coping mechanisms failed. It was partially also her brusque and straightforward attitude, that she started losing people in the industry. The stardom that came so rapidly, was at a point, not recognised anymore. In the end, she was all broken and lonely.

The Dirty Picture is a movie suited perfectly to Vidya Balan. It is only her who could pull off this role with such perfection. There is such subtlety in her role that despite being portrayed a sex icon on screen, it never crosses the line of offensive and vulgarity. In this patriarchal society, she manages to carry herself confidently despite the image cast upon her. The direction by Milan Luthria in such a controversial story is appreciable. Overall, the film underlines feminist themes with its touch of sensitivity.

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