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Victim-who is next? A twisted four part Completely Anthology thriller

Victim-who is Next? is a newly released Tamil Language four-part anthology movie with twisted thrillers and an attempt to turn the original idea of disempowerment on its head. It feels like only one of the four movies truly stood out. This movie has a run-time of thirty minutes for each short film, making it a total of 2hrs.

Victim-who is next? is released on the OTT platform SonyLIV on 5th August 2022.

Story Of Victim- Who is Next?- Engulfs Four Stories Together

Victim-who is next? A twisted four part Completely Anthology thriller
Victim-who is next Anthology

Victim-who is Next? is the newly released four-part anthology that contains four short films in an attempt to turn the standard idea of disempowerment on its heads.

Releasing on platform SonyLIV- 5th August 2022
IMDB 8.0/10
Genre Crime, Mystery, Drama
Directed By PA Ranjith, M. Rajesh, Chimbudevan, and Venkat Prabhu.
Cast Amala Paul, Nasser, Thambi Ramaiah, Natarajan Subramaniam, Priya Bavani Shankar, Kalaiarasan, Guru Somasundaram, Prasanna.
Language Tamil

Victim-Who is Next Review- Hits Off With The Pace

Dhammam is a surfaced story exploring the ties between land ownership and caste politics. Poorvadharani is a little girl who keeps herself entertained while her father is busy plowing the field. Kalaiyarasan’s Sekar from a dominant caste wants to show his power to Guna, Kema’s father. He tried to silence Kema to do so, but she questioned him, which ended up in a fight between Guna and Sekar. When Sekar gets fatally injured in the battle, his men want to take revenge by taking Guna’s life away, but Guna and Kema try to save Sekar’s life.

The movie Victim-who is Next creates a strong narrative making the audience wonder who the actual victim is. Dhammam shows how people are blinded by hate and do not care about the importance of their lives. It also portrays how worldly people can be. It has a powerful story and is a must-watch. The actors Guru Somasundaram, Poorvadharani, and Kalaiyarasan deliver mind-blowing performances.

Mirrange is a story about Pavithra, a working woman living in a haunted house. Madasamy (Natarajan Subramaniam) is the house’s caretaker whose family members, except him, committed suicide by setting themselves on fire. After experiencing supernatural activities inside the house, Pavithra is eager to know how the place became haunted. Mirrange starts as a horror movie, but it tries to convey a message about the medical condition during the climax scene, which turns out to be a big failure. It gets challenging to make sense of what is happening in the film.

Kottai Pakku Vathalum..Mottai Maadi Sitharum- Chimbudevan

Victim-who is next? A twisted four part Completely Anthology thriller
Anthology On Sony Liv

A fantasy drama by Director Chimbudevan, Kottai Pakku Vathalum. Mottai Maadi Sitharum, set against the set of Covid-19 lockdown, is about a reporter at the end of his rope, and if he cannot give an interesting story to his magazine, he might lose his job. In some lockdown wildness, he thinks that grinding betel nuts will make a spiritual sage who would supposedly be 400 years old and come knocking on his door.

But the filmmaker fails to make the plot work even after being given massive freedom. All the audience understands is how bad humans are compared to other living creatures on this planet. The director put no effort into making the narrative exciting, and it made no sense. The presence of Thambi Ramaiah and Nasser did not work out for the movie.

Confessions – Venkat Prabhu

Anjhana (Amala Paul) is a working woman who is independent and outgoing. Her husband is currently staying in the UK. He is trying to find a job there so she can relocate. Prasanna, a murderer, holds her at gunpoint and asks her to confess by recounting every mistake she has ever made.

The movie Victim-who is Next has some delightful attributes of Venkat Prabhu. Even though the initial sequences keep the audience hooked, it falls flat as soon as she is held at gunpoint. The twist in the story doesn’t work out well. Amala and Prasanna deliver a comfortable performance, but Krish (Amala’s husband) stands out with his heavy accent and expressions.

The overall Victim-who is next is a wearying anthology that will barely keep the audience interested in it. But if one still wants to watch it, they might give it a shot. The victim was released on the ott platform SonyLIV on 5th August 2022 and is currently streaming.

Victim-Who Is Next?
Victim who is next Victim-who is next

Director: PA Ranjith, M. Rajesh, Chimbudevan, and Venkat Prabhu.

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