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Vaashi Movie Review- The Best Alleged Case of Rape

Directed by M.R. Joseph Vaashi is a movie that carries an entangled story of rape. During the film, husband and wife, Ebin (Tovino Thomas) and Madhavi (Keerthy Suresh), clash over ego, and will this affect the case they are fighting for?

Vaashi Movie Storyline- A Masculine-Inspired Story

Vaashi Movie Review- The Best Alleged Case of Rape
Vaashi on ott

A recent release, Vaashi Movie on Netflix is an enthralling courtroom drama movie starring Keerthy Suresh and Tovino Thomas as Madhavi and Ebin, respectively. Both are highly ambitious lawyers trying to get a breakthrough in their careers. They both are in love with each other but find themselves in a tough situation when they are on the opposite side of a case.

Gautam, a man accused of sexually abusing one of his colleagues for misleading marriage commitment, was charged under section 375. Ebin was promoted to the public prosecutor and was standing against the accused, and Madhavi appeared for Gautam to defend him from being guilty.

Vaashi On Netflix, Cast, IMDB, Director

Release on OTT(Netflix) 17 July 2022
IMDB 6.5/10
Director M.R. Joseph
Genre Drama
Cast Keerthi Suresh, Tovino Thomas, Kottayam Ramesh, Maya Vishwanath, Rony David, Baiju, Nandu, Maya Menon.
Runtime 2 hours 35 minutes.

Initially, the Vaashi Movie progresses slowly as the director tries to portray the lawyer’s professional life and personal life. The picturization of the challenges and stress they both see in their personal lives because of the court case was commendable; the story’s main theme is a topic of discussion nowadays, which is sexual consent. To make the Vaashi Movie more engaging, a woman lawyer was given the role of defending a boy from the charge of sexual abuse and to prove that the boy was guilty, and a male lawyer was assigned to the role.

There were some ego clashes between the couples while proving their

Vaashi Movie Review- The Best Alleged Case of Rape
Vaashi on ott

point in the courtroom, they both left no stone unturned to make their point right, and Ebin did not want to fail because if he failed to prove his point and lost this case, then in future women will be reluctant to come forward against the violence.

Vaashi Movie Review- Keerthi Suresh and Tovino Thomas Decent Attempt

Sometimes the audience did not hook up with the Vaashi Movie because of the plunge in energy, but Tovino and Keerthy managed to bring things back on track when things were off the rail. In one instance, both the lawyers indulged in a debate in the courtroom; when Madhavi discussed the point of miscommunication between partners, they both were reminded by the judge that it was not a TV debate.

The director has tried to portray the personal family problems of the lawyer when there is a conflict of interest, which will compel you to think about the people who are involved in law enforcement. The Victim seemed to be envious and would do everything to exact revenge on a man who broke his word. The Vaashi Movie’s story seems to sympathize with the accused, but the climax splits the audience into two parts, which brings us to the movie’s main takeaway: “Nothing is white or black; everything is a different shade of grey.

We, as common people, believe that there is no room for emotion and biases in the judgment of the judiciary. This movie has explored this part very well; they have tried to show us that even the person who is passing the judgment might have some bias, which may lead to a wrong verdict.

After a lot of examination, cross-examination, and objection from many of the people, Gautam, the accused, did not seem to be guilty, but when the judge had to pass the verdict, he glanced at his family photo, which consisted of 3 people; Judge, his wife, and daughter and pleaded the accused guilty of the crime, which arises a question whether the judgment was because of his fatherly feeling against the trial.

Overall, Vaashi Movie shows an accurate picture of biases in the judiciary; Tovino and Keerthy have done their role convincingly, but the running time of the movie was quite long and did not justify the drama, and the message could have been delivered with a more precise timing

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Director: M.R. Joseph

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