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Unfold this top 10 Web Shows on Netflix: Your Romance Kingdom

Netflix Is the synonym when it comes to watching Romantic content.

When it comes to the romantic content release, Netflix has always been at the top of the list with the most premium romantic content all around. Ott has become synonym for entertainment and Netflix could be called as an alternative when it comes to the romantic genre of web shows or movies. If you are looking for a romantic genre on Netflix to watch, we have got you covered in this article listing the top 10 romantic shows on Netflix(OTT)

1. My first love.

Netflix original series straight from Korea will be the best to binge on. It deals with the first love and centralizes 5 students. All of them together live in the house of Yoon Tae-oh and have their own love experience and of life. Being at the same home eventually differences among them arise but they never let it come in between their relation with each other the series offers a fresh entertainment surrounding the team and is a good watch.

2. Emily in Paris.

A heart-throbbing romantic series which revolves around Emily Cooper, a 29-year-old girl who is an executive of marketing in Chicago. Emily had a great life here but her form gave her the position of media executive in Paris. She finds her alone there as the place and the language was not familiar for her. She gallops herself and meets people there and starts interacting but soon she gets burdened  at work later with a love triangle. The show has well depicted American and Paris culture which is a must watch for people who love watching romantic genres.

3. Atypical

This show revolves around an 18 year old Sam Gardner, a story of a father and son, which is not so smooth. When Sam announces that he wants to start dating . His father offers to help him, he has a crush on 26 year old Julia. The drama unfolds where many emotions mingled circumstances can be witnessed by the audience. The series will prove a good watch.

4. Love

Romantic comedy series which simply portrays the perspective of male and female about their relationship. There are two protagonists named Mickey and guess who keeps their perspective this will be a worth watching series. Unfold more chapters of it and binge on this series.

5. The Hook Up plan

The HookUp plan is a French drama on Netflix the story is about Elsa who cannot get over her ex her friend on the other hand helps to regain her lost faith regarding love and relationship the series will prove a good watch for the teenagers.

6. Sweet Magnolia

A story which revolves around 3 best friends named Maddy (Joana Gracia swisher) , Dana sue(Brooke Eliot) and Helen( heather headley), all of them as a unit handles everything which comes their way. The audience will witness mixed motion at times while they work towards finding a balance in their life.

7. Gilmore Girls

A story which has the duo of mother and daughter who are more of a best friend, this story has personified and romanticized the life and culture of a small town which can be cherished throughout the series.

8. Bridgerton

Want to witness the best of romance? Bridgerton will be one among perfect to witness. Based on a romantic novel by Julia Quinn the series keeps intact throughout which shows a typical Elite town there conservative mind set about marriage. The story follows Daphne and Duke and their love story with a chain of events and warming Romance. The second season of this series is currently streaming on netflix.

9. Summertime

Witnessing new age romances phenomenal and shooting this romantic Italian series follows the love story of Summer and I’ll who are from completely different backgrounds and it shows the idea how they slowly fell in love unconditionally.

10. Never have I ever

Last but not the least we have never have I ever on the list a story of a girl called Devi who lost her father and event does not share a healthy relationship with her mother Nalini Devi is life get more caught up when she and sent to a complicated relationship not one but with two boys the whole series is a first choice for everyone searching for an emotionally connected romantic show.

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