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U Turn Review (2023): Alaya F leads

U turn
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Director: Arif Khan

Date Created: 2024-03-04 14:39

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Another Bollywood remake film U-Turn is streaming on Zee5. Let’s cover the ott film U Turn review.


  • Alaya F is in the lead in U Turn(2023) film streaming on Zee5.
  • U Turn is the remake of the 2016 kannada film.
  • Imdb rating of the latest Zee5 movie is 7.6/10.

U Turn Release Date, IMDB & Cast:

U Turn Review (2023): Alaya F leads
U Turn Review
Title U Turn (2023)
Genre Thriller
IMDB 7.6/10
OTT Platform Zee5
Star Cast Priyanshu Painyuli, Alaya F, Ashim Gulati
Runtime 100 minutes 

U Turn movie is finally streaming on the ott platform Zee5 which is a remake of the 2016 Kannada film of the same name.

The storyline focused on Radhika (Alaya F) who is an intern in a popular newspaper and covers a story of illegal u-turns in NTPC flyover. During this investigation she becomes the prime suspect of murder RTO member Deepak Kumar (Prakash Jha). Will Radhika prove her innocence? Watch U Turn on Zee5.

U Turn Zee 5 

U-Turn on Zee5 directed by Arif Khan is a remake of the 2016 Kannada movie which was remade in 2018 in the Tamil language and featured Samantha in the lead role. The film is based on real events as per sources and the IMDB rating of the film is 7.6/10.

U Turn Review

U Turn Review (2023): Alaya F leads
U Turn Review

The story will be familiar if you have watched both versions (Kannada and Tamil) but if you’re watching this ott latest film for the first time then the story might feel fresh and not otherwise. The story is written by Pawan Kumar. 

U Turn cast performances is Alaya F as Radhika Bakshi shines in her character, Priyanshu Painyuli as Arun Sinha was promising, Ashim Gulati as Aditya Iyer was decent in small screen time, Rajesh Sharma as HSP Saxena was satisfied and Manurishi Chaddha as Indrajeet Singh Dhillion was acceptable. 

The pairing of Ashim Gulati and Alaya F is new. The questioning scenes between Alaya and Priyanshu are dramatic, and the film has some horror elements such as falling from a building in front of police and Radhika.

The cinematography of Anubhav Bansal is good enough, and the direction of Arif Khan is reasonable and the climax is different from the previous movies which is jaw-dropping.

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U turn review: Overall this remake is based on real-events then it is sensible because films which are based on true events are more fascinating than fictional stories. Audiences and critics gave mixed responses to the U-turn


1. Is the movie U Turn based on a true story?

The makers of U Turn movie have said in many interviews that it is based on real events and the original film was made in 2016.

2. Is U-Turn a ghost movie?

U Turn movie is a supernatural thriller film that is also in the horror film genre meaning the latest ott film is a ghost movie.

3. Who is the actress in U-Turn?

In the latest ott movie U-Turn which is now in Zee5, actress Alaya F in the lead role as journalist Radhika Bakshi.

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